Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whittier in June 2013

A trip to Whittier! We saw some goats with new babies climbing the steep cliffs with the water right below. It's amazing to me how they can get around.

It is always fun to get close to the glaciers and see them calve off.

Another vessel looking for adventure.

We may not have seen a real whale this trip, but look! A whale!

Ice formations and colors on the glaciers are awesome.

Lovin our little family.

Birds are nesting despite the conditions.

Everyone gets to help clean the catch of shrimp.

A stop at Ester Bay proved to be successful, Fresh Chum Salmon.

Kolby was proud of his catch.

Dawson helped to land a nice Chum also. Fresh Chum from the ocean are actually quite tasty! Once they reach the rivers though, most people only use them for dog food for their mushing dog teams.

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  1. Adorable photos of the boys! I especially like the one of Keith sneaking a kiss behind them. Great photos!