Tuesday, July 16, 2013

May 2013- June 2013

Art class. Luke chose a sea star for his paper mache class this year. He did a great job.

Dawson chose his "own" idea and made a robot cat, complete with a belly button. He did add more colors later, eyes, nose and button got some flair.

As spring thaw came around, our driveway got a bit flooded from the snow melt, but it was still cold enough to get the surrounding snow and ice frozen. So the boys decided to go "float the driveway" with tubs and sleds and inner-tubes. They had quite a good time and it was entertaining to watch as well.

Hoss-man chilling on the porch. Love this doggie! He was such a good boy.

Kolby and Fisher are out enjoying the ice rink we had this year. We did it a bit different than last year and it worked out great! When it got to melted for skates they rode bikes and played soccer on it.

Luke doing some math. He made his hat and was proudly wearing it. The muffs are because he is easily distracted by noise. :)

School work is done and it's time to play! We made trashcan snow forts and had snowball fights.

With the snow finally gone we were enjoying the warm sunny spring. Out on the river we went and got some bait, Hooligan! They are an oily fish that can be eaten, but are an acquired taste, I'm told. 

My 3 little Hooligans ready to net Hooligans.

Hoss enjoying a day out on the river with his family.

Next trip out, we brought some friends along for the adventure. Great fun to be able to share our experiences.

Dawson is quite the sand artist. A moose. I just love these drawings he does!

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  1. I love Luke's hat! Nice work! The hooligans are adorable. Dawson is a really good sand artist! Awww, Hoss!