Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baseball season 2012

QAP Baseball 2012

QAP team
 Back row: Ethan, Calvin, Coach Colin, Trinity, Nolan
Middle row: Frank, Austin, Colton, Braydon, Titus, Isaiah
Front row: Luke, Sadie, Daryen, Rylan  

  Luke played really well for his first year. The coaches saw this as well and had him play short stop and second base a lot. He would yell out positions and where the play was. We were proud of him.

Luke getting ready to smack the ball!

Here it comes!!! It was actually some pretty fast pitching with the pitching machine.
Luke gives it his all as the ball connects with his bat!

Luke heads for 1st. RUN, LUKE, RUN!!!
Luke rounding second. GO! GO! GO!

He made it to 3rd base! His coach is congratulating him. 

Luke and his team after a game. Just look at the setting we get to play in! Luke had a good season playing and wants to play again this next summer. He made some friends and we visit some still.