Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whittier camp trip

Kolby got to reel in his "Berry own fish" this trip.

"Yat fish is a fighter!"

A little boy and his catch!

Some of the awesome scenery on our trip!

Tide was going out and land was being revealed!

We shared a cove in Lake Bay with some other boats!

We found starfish!

Broken but not defeated. Starfish grow back legs and from broken legs grows another star. Amazing!

Old log covered in sea life!

We were fishing the night before in the area behind the boys. Tide in-tide out, tide in-tide out.....

Patiently waiting for his beach combers to arrive.

Mama and her boy.

Creek bed.

Beached jelly fish.

Luke found this rock and thought it was funny and looked like an old man with a beard.

Dawson is into saving baby animals and is sad when they seem in danger. He "ohhs" and "Ahhs" over them loving their cuteness.

Huge Jelly that made a smooth landing.

LOVE THESE FELLAS! They make out boating trips interesting.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We pulled into a bay and found it inhabited. What a place to live. I'm sure this is a fish hatchery or something. We found Pink Salmon in here though and had fun catching a few.

Luke was catching rock fish in this bay as well. Of course, he was having fun no matter what he was catching. We spotted a reef under us and some many legged starfish resting on the algae covered rocks below.

Luke is helping put the stubborn shrimp from the pots.

Look at the size of this guy!

Look what Luke caught! We save our skeletons from salmon fishing and the shrimp clean them right up.

Is it as big as my head, Mom?

What a view to see while out having fun.

Waterfalls are everywhere and always fun for the boys to spot.

Poor Dawson had a long day and couldn't stay awake for the ride home.

Our pilot for the drive home, Capt. Luke.

Cruise ships are so huge! When close to one we are about the size of their safety boats. We always seem to have a great time out on the ocean exploring and seeing things differently each time.

Whittier - June

In June, we made a trip to Whittier on a warm sunny weekend. Along the way we saw this bull moose in the river.

Leaving the harbor and the cruise ship behind, we headed out to drop our shrimp pots in the ocean.

The ocean was calm, cool and we collected a few rock fish along the way. The rock walls were stunning and all the colors were brilliant!

The snow capped mountains stood out strong against the blue skies!

We found a crab floating and scooped it up. Kolby was cautiously looking it over until we proved it to be dead. Blue Gatorade anyone?

The rock formations along the shore were very interesting. I love going exploring to places we have never been.

Dawson is my rock climber.

Beached for some rock skipping and leg stretching.

I saw this image as I walked over to view a waterfall. Funny what we can see in the rocks!

The day was so incredibly warm that the boys were losing their shirts to stay cool. I tried to get them to dunk their shirts in the water, but that wasn't in their plan. We had a great day out exploring and seeing new things.

What was that again?

Mom, look! There's a chickadee!- Dawson
Dawson, do you want anyone to ever believe you?
Mom. It's still"made you fall for it day"!
Well, you'll have to better than a chickadee than. :-)
Dawson-"I'm going outside!"
Kolby-"I'm coming, too!"
Dawson-"You are? To the trampoline of doom?"
I cut up oranges for the boys to eat on the way to town. Kolby was mangling his. I asked Luke to show him how to eat the orange and get it all peeled off without leaving mangled orange behind.. Mr. Technical starts with..
"Ok, so I bite into the orange and get my teeth comfortable( because sometimes its cold)." He explains...."Then I bite- pull, bite-pull!"
Dawson-"Mom, did you know that tomorrow is "Made ya look day"? Actually, it's for 5 days...then it's Kolby's favorite day."
What is that?, I asked hesitantly.
"It's "bottom day"... where everyone says bottom all day. I hate that day! That's my worst day ever!", he says disgustedly.
I'm pretty sure these are all "Dawson made-up Days" and nothing else. So don't be fooled by looking at bottom"s all day. :)
Luke was telling us that tomorrow was April first. Dawson wondered what the big deal was. We told him that it was a day when people joke with each other and play tricks. He got excited and said,"Now that's my kinda life!"
Dawson started playing magic piano on his iPad. He recognized the song and said,Hey! We sing this at church!" (amazing grace) Then he played it again, while saying,"This song is just so beautiful I can't stop playing it." As he proceeds to sing along with his playing....amazing gracccccce how saWeet the sound!
Kolby was playing outside and stuck his head inside a metal bucket. Hearing it echo when he talked he said,
"Hello! Anybody home? Is this thing even on???"
"Mankind! This guy is a good thinker!", Luke says while playing pool on his i Pad. A Keith word...:-)
While watching Tom and Jerry, Luke says,"I like how that mouse thinks!"
Dawson brought in the bag of Cheetos Kolby requested in the store. He swung them up to the counter and spilled some. Kolby says disgustedly in his choppy voice, "Yat why I don't love Dawson binging in my tuff!"
Dawson told me that he almost got his head ripped off while jumping on the trampoline. A little dramatic , I think. But Then he wondered..."would my head still be alive if it wasn't on me?"
Dawson- "Ahh, Mom...I'm trying to get my school work done. If it didn't have any I would get it done a lot quicker."
Yah think? Growing'em smart around here!
I need Carmex.
"Mom, isn't carmex for cars?", Dawson says.
We passed a hitch hiker along the road and Dawson wondered why we didn't pick him up. "Do you think he will kidnap or adult napp us?"
Washed windows yesterday and Kolby wondered, "How are you gonna weach way up high? Oh, I Know! With your big arms and legs!"
Dawson says, " I don't know what this says because "They" didn't teach me all the words in the land"!
But they did teach you all the sounds in the land to be able to read.....
Dawson is trying to do his phonics book and was having trouble figuring out a word. Luke was "helping" by telling Dawson to "sound out the word".
Dawson says, "I'm trying!! But I don't know how to speak Chinese!" :)
So cool to see Luke sitting on the couch first thing in morning, legs wrapped up in blanket, with sketch book in hand drawing away. He also has his iPad on, googling "how to draw horses".
I bent over to pick something up and kolby was behind me apparently wanting to get by,"Um, accuse me, bottom!", he says was a giggle.
Luke-"I know what W should've been called. Double V!" Because the W looks like 2 V's.
While out on our bike ride today Dawson turned to me and said,"Isn't it good to be with God today?"
It was Dawson, thanks for the reminder.
We have some Russian neighbors down the road and we biked by their house today. Dawson paused a minute and said, "That is where the gretchens live...oh, wait! Not the gretchens, I mean the Russians."
Jumping off his bike, Dawson ran to pick something up.
"Look MOM! It's the first pine cone of the season!", he said excitedly.
Then proceeded to try and take a bite out of it. I'm thinking too much Ice Age? :)
I told the boys to pull to the side of the street when cars come so the cars will know they have been seen. So the boys did and waved and waved at passers-by. Dawson was prepared to wave at this person then realized it was a lady.
"We can't wave at ladies.", he said looking away.
"Why not?", I asked.
"Cuz...They will fall in love with us if we do!", He said not cracking a smile.
With the boys birthdays almost all over, it's time for growth measurements.
Luke is 50# 3'11" and has a good chance of being 5' 7" all grown up.:) 25% in weight and 5% in Height
Dawson is 35# 3'4" and has a good chance of being 5'4" all grown up. :) He is not even on the % charts, he's my little guy
Kolby is 30# 3'2" and has a good chance of being 5'8" all grown up. :) 7%in weight and 10% in height (according to
We were having a serious chat with the boys about their attitudes and actions and their up coming consequences. I asked fidgeting Dawson if he was listening?
"Hmmmm?", he says gazing off looking at my cupboards. Twisting back to me suddenly he says,"I wasn't, but I am now!"
What to do with this kid?
Same serious chat early on.... Dawson starring at Keith says,"Did you know that you have silver teeth, dad?"
Did he hear any of what Keith just said? Focus on the conversation, son!!!!!
Kolby was looking for his boots without any luck.
"Kolby, they are right there! Open your eyes when you are looking..", I encouraged.
"My eyes were opened da whole entire time!", he says.
We were all gathered around playing a game when Dawson bursted out in song,"If your ever down in Texas, hook me up!"
"It's...LOOK me up!", Luke says exasperated.
Dawson was concerned about Luke's leftover frosting going to waste. He kept asking,"Mom, I don't want that frosting to go on a waste! So I think we need to eat it!"
Better his "waist than mine!" What a mess he is!
"It's off the hoozle!", he says
Kolby asked me this morning, "Would you go get me thum morning panth to wear?"
I guess he was done with his night pants. :)

Did I hear that "write"?

Even in sickness Dawson makes us laugh... I told him if he said, "I just whoosh I wasn't sick!" one more time, I would run out of the house with the truck keys in hand. We know you don't like being sick!!!!
So a few seconds go by and we hear,"I hate it when other people are sick and make me sick!"
I told Kolby he smelled like a potty pants this morning. He says,"I dinint potty! It must be the dogs!"
Almost forgot how good "corn on a hob" (kolbyism) could be....almost. It's oh, so good!
Dawson asked for a sandwich and I gave him one on wheat bread. I see him chewing with disgust and hear him say,"Yuck! This bread is disgusting!"
I inform him that wheat bread is healthier for you, thinking he will appreciate that. Nope, instead he says," Well, it's still gross! I think there is too much healthy stuff in it!"
So as of today.....(subject to change) the brown bunny is lovingly named, "Dirtball", and the black one is, "Volcano". Boys!
I tossed a book down from a bit of height and it smacked down and Dawson looked up at me with surprise!
"Mom? Did you throw that down ANGRY?"
No, but He keeps me aware of my attitudes for sure.
Dawson told me combed his hair with his hand. "I bet I'm the only person that does that!" he says proudly. Then he wondered,"What do Chinese people use? Sticks?"
I bet he was thinking chop sticks.
Feeling good about the two bags of trash that the boys and I picked up from around the neighborhood. What I'm not "feeling good" about?? Dawson found a tube of Chapstick and thought it'd be useful! Yes, he USED it!!! Bleck!
Luke has always sung "She'll be drivin' 65 horses when she comes!" Recently, he found it in a book he was playing piano songs out of. He says wonderingly,"Hey mom! Did you know....that I have been singing this song all wrong? It's- 6 WHITE horses!"
Dawson is playing tee-ball this year. Tonight he went up to the coach on the other team and told him,"We're gonna SMOKE you guys!"
Great! I have THAT kid! Everyone laughed thankfully!
Dawson was laughing obnoxiously and I told him to stop.
He says,"I'm trying to get my real laugh on!"
Got a load of dirt today in our trailer. While watching the loader fill his huge bucket with dirt the boys are cringing and saying,"I hope that guy is a professional and doesn't squish us!"
"My tupid, ca-way-thee cat! He cawached on da dor and wake-ed me up! He always do's yat!" -Kolby
Keith told me to prepare myself for what happened last night downstairs. He also said he had NOTHING to do with it. HMMM... what could be the problem? What mess am I going to have to clean up? NONE!!! The boys decided since it was my day that they would clean up down stairs!! The playroom was picked up and blankets were folded and beds were made, teeth were brushed! I was so happy and proud of my boys!
Dawson-"If we killed someone...we wouldn't be able to go to Peter's for a week! No wait, 13 days! That's our rule!"
Wow! He does know it a ten commandment...
"Isn't it about bedtime?", Kolby asks,"it's a little bit dawkish outside."
I'm wondering why the only door that Dawson knows how to shut is the bathroom door? And that is only after he's coming out of the bathroom! :)
Dawson, what do Christians do?
"Well, they sit on the couch and pray and listen to what God wants them to do. Then they go do it."
That seems pretty easy...
Dawson about DQ ice cream- "I like the taste of it... There's just one thing. It's junk food!"
Kolby about my green drinks,
"Those are bah-cussting!"
I told Dawson he could take his school papers outside to work on if he wanted to be outside. He says, "It's so hot out there! It'll burn right through my papers!"
I hugged Kolby this morning and asked him if he was my sweet little boy.
He said,"I'm not your little boy anymore... since I turned 6."
You're not six!, I said.
5?, he asked.
No, your're only 4! Don't rush this!
Dawson came up this morning and told me,"I'm going to unload the dishwasher, k?".
I asked him if he wanted help and he says, "I don't care... I'm just happy to be able to help."
Wow!??!!! Super proud of him!
I have been getting after Dawson for bringing on the tears whenever he thinks it'll help his situation. This morning he tells me,"I can bring on the tears anytime!"
Today Keith asked him to try to cry. Dawson smiling says,"I can't do it when I'm so happy!"
Saying I was feeling the need for a green drink, Dawson says, "I know how you can make a green drink! Use green ice cream like mint and mix it up in your mixer thingie."
That would be a green drink, but not quite as healthy as I had in mind. :)
I purchased a kid book for the boys today I thought looked funny and entertaining. I scanned through the front and saw cute pictures. Well....I learned a lesson today. Read the books first... before you let your 8 yo read it to his brothers! The book is called, Mommy Laid An Egg. First half is cute and funny. Halfway through the book the kids start drawing pictures to show how babies are REALLY made! Literally! By the end the parents are blushing! Yeah! Not quite ready for my boys to know ALL the details! Luke did not read the whole book, btw! I certainly don't need Dawson innocently sharing all his new found info with everyone!!
We were out cleaning up the woods when Luke asked if he could go in. Why? When you can be outside?
"Well, I was thinking of drawing, or... Looking on the Internet to find what rabbit holes look like, so I can find some out here.", he said so seriously.
Rabbit holes on the Internet! Too funny!
"Mom? Is that peach tea you're making?"
"Aww, mom! You know that's my favorite!", he says so sweetly."Are there other kinds?"
"I'm till a baby cuz I have baby teeth still.", kolby says.
"Well. They are actually toddler teeth. Since you are a toddler now!", Dawson so wisely informs him.
We were happy to see a rabbit in our yard this morning. Luke wanted to shoot it, but was too loud getting his gun.
"Its running away!", kolby squeals.
Where did it go?, I asked.
"It ran back into the wild.", he says.
Dawson has a wart we have been putting duct tape on. It keeps coming off. "What?", he says in disgust," I thought duct tape was the stickiest tape in the land! Well. Maybe there is goose tape!"
There's a dead porcupine!
"How do you know mom? What if it's just sleeping?", Dawson says.
I just have a feeling......:-)
Tickling- nightly ritual with the boys. Tonight I added making noise in Dawson's armpit (freshly washed:).
He says,"Mom! Stop! I don't want your dizziness!"
I guess spit in his armpit might infect him.
The boys were getting drinks of water from the bathroom. We have in floor heat and that makes the pipes of water warm as well. The boys came rushing out to tell me,"We have no more cold water, we ran out! I guess well just have to use hot water now!"
 Dawson just received his first bloody nose! "I thought I would catch the ball, but.... I didn't!", he says.
"Anyways, Luke, ' A person's a person no matter how small", quoted Dawson to Luke. Apparently that is a quote from Horton Hears A Who.
Dawson was amazed when I showed him the Easter egger's blue eggs and said,
"Are you serious? Blue Eggs?? I wonder if there is candy inside them?
I was chasing kolby to his bath and was pinching his cute bun-th on the way. He was laughing and screaming,"STOP!!! Pinch your own bun-th!"
Now that wouldn't nearly as fun! :-)
Keith was explaining omnivores, herbivores and carnivores to the boys. He said,"If herbivores eat plants, what do carnivores eat?"
Without thinking Dawson says,"Cars!"
We saw smoke from a fire today. The boys were discussing if our house were to catch fire.
"Dawson, if we left our IPads in the house with a fire, we couldn't go back in to get them.", Luke says.
"Oh yeah! I'm going to leave mine outside then.", Dawson says
I u-turned today and Dawson pipes up,"Mom, cops have to master the u-turn, don't they? Cuz what if they have to go catch a bad guy?"
I guess they would have to master the u-turn then!
Kolby-"I think I'm not going to have anymore sugor."
Why not?
"Cuz it makes me have the hiccupth?"
Luke excitedly said,"Look in that puddle... There's a sandbar!"
I wonder if he's been on a river jet boating at all? :-)
While riding in an elevator, I asked the boys a question,
"What does the B stand for?"
Answer was, bathroom!
Now why would I ride an elevator to the bathroom? :-)
"Luke! You're a tree hugger!" Dawson spouts.
Them are fightin' words!

Say What?

Dawson had the misfortune of seeing a kids undies tonight at baseball. Dawson told the mom in a "high-low" voice about it. He told me,"The kid had GIANT undies! They were human sized! Probably cuz the kid was lots rounder than me. I'm just s skinny kid."
We were driving to town and I hear from the back...
"Oh great mother of Maryland, cool this car down!
Not quite sure where that came from... Dawson says to made it up himself.?
Keith was getting ready to use my sewing machine and Kolby was giving him hints on how it runs.
"See yat little white thing yat looks like a jump? Yah, you push yat with your foot to make it go."
I learned last night that Dawson went and told our teenage neighbor girl that...
"I forgive you for bringing your baby sister over to our house and ruining our fun."
Great!!! I don't even want to hear what he tells people anymore....At least he is forgiving? :)
Dawson glanced at himself in the mirror with his tiger face on. "Wow! I look scary!", he says. Then he growled at himself. His reaction was priceless! "Rrroar!!!", he growls. Immediately, he jumps back from the mirror while screeching,"Ahhh!", with a look of terror on his face. So funny!
After a gal complimented Kolby, he came and told me,"When yat lady said yat nice thing to me, yat made me poud(proud)."
While out on the lake we found a shirt on the bottom of the lake. Luke reeled it in with his fishing pole.
Kolby said,"I'm guessing a guy falled in duh lake and got eatened by a muthkwat (muskrat)."
Clothed in only his baggy sponge bob undies, Dawson spouted, "Don't make me start a wrestle session. Cuz I can start one easily!"
After a few seconds of torture he screams,"Pause! Pause!"
Dawson jumps in my bed and spouts,"Did you know that today is Quiet Day? It goes on for 2 days!!"
"Awesome! But why is there so much noise in here then!"
Kolby says,"I don't like Quiet Day!" Humph!
After talking to Dawson about following through with instruction he got all upset with himself.
"Why am I the kid in the family who always forgets? I can never remember what you said and I always get too distracted!", he whined.
Boys go double check your pick up duty and make sure nothing is left out.
"Dawson, let's use our secret tactic!", Luke says.
"What is that?", Dawson wondered.
Luke starts his secret tactics saying...."Scanning-scanning-scanning.....", as he moves through the room.
  Unfortunately for him, his secret tactics needed a reboot since I still found items lying around. Always amazing how they can never see the obvious.
Made shakes for my guys. Dawson wanted a butter-finger shake.
"Yuck!", Kolby says.
Have you ever tried one?, I asked.
"Yeth, I had one in my py houth (spy house) and it was acussting!"
The boys decided that a train has a engine on both ends sometimes, so it can play tug of war!
Dawson-"I am getting so bored trying to go to sleep!"
Luke told me one day while I was looking at a magazine.
"I don't really like how ladies look with painted lips and tye-dyed hair!"
Kolby-"Grayling(kitten) was being mean to me, so I be'd mean to her."
Logic of a 4 yo. :)
The boys were playing in the sprinkler. I'm not sure what they were discussing, but I heard Luke say,"Let's not be hasty!"
What 8 yo talks like that? Hasty? Funny kid!
There was a kid tonight at baseball "playing" with the boys. He came from nowhere and was grabbing things from everyone. Dawson was getting fed up with him and said,"You should go back to your dad!" Then Dawson told us,"I hope that kid gets lots and lots of mosquito bites!" :-)
74 out and getting ready to "torm". Kolby asked,"Is that a torm that takes houthes in the ky?"
Dawson is making himself a chore chart. He had me write- Work hard before you play. Then said, "Except I might not be doing that one." :)
"Those mosquitoes are pecking at me a lot today!"-Luke
Sweet, tender Dawson! He told me tonight that he has been hearing the same words over and over in his head. "I'm pretty sure it's God because the words say I should go tell people about God. I'm too shy though!"
I told him maybe God is just getting him ready for when he is bigger, but that words aren't the only way we can show people Gods love. Actions sometimes speak louder than words. He was pretty emotional about this talk. Hopefully we can guide him correctly so God can use him. HE already does!
Dawson tells me on the way to town. "Mom, I kinda of like God and Satan." Why?
"Cuz God tells us to like everybody. So I don't like LIKE Satan, just a tiny bit."
Kolby-"That's apicable!"
"Apples come fom apple twees, bananas come fom banana twees, bwoccoli comes fom bwocollis twees...wight, mom?" Kolby says. This is after he called a mango a flamango and wondered where they came from.
Boys are playing hide and seek. Kolby was searching and flung open a door expecting to find someone. From the other room Luke yells, "Nope! Not in there!"
Dawson told Luke, "Let the kitten walk around and have a day of her life. Since this is her last day with us."
Kolby says he needs "hiccup medicine".
Dawson got a mosquito bite and says,"I think my head hurts because when the mosquito put its little blood sucking thing in my head, it got my brain!"
"It's tasty bah-lishious!"- kolby
So Dawson noticed a gals "pecks" tonight. So I talked with the boys about how God gave "pecks" to ladies to feed their babies, much like other mammals do. Not making a big deal about it.
Dawson's response was,"Ohhhh! So they are like tiny fridges? They store food, don't they?"
Hmmm... now what?
Kolby needed a drink last night and drank about 4 oz of a water bottle, leaving 1 swig left. He put it back on the counter and I said to just drink the last bit.
"I don't want to potty the bed.", he says. That last gulp would've done it had I forced it I bet.
Luke, Mr. Need a reason for everything- "Ever since Dawson was born I always get sick because of him. Then Kolby coughs on me because he says it isn't fair that they are sick and not me! I hate being sick!"
Kolby-"What is that medicine?"
It's for your tummy, I say.
"I love that it's so pinkish!"
Kolby-"I don't want to watch Smoafs. All they do is wurk!"
After a 3 hr nap from 6-9pm, I scooped up Dawson and hauled him to his room for the night. He says,"What? It's already bedtime?"
Yup, night Dawson. Night, mama! And I didn't see him until 7 this morning. Hopefully, he slept his sickness away!
Whimpering like death was near, Dawson asked if I would take his temp. 98.6 No fever! "What??!! I'm not sick??!!", he says with surprise and in a brand new happy voice. He is now downstairs playing games an I haven't heard or seen him in an hour!