Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Shirt Lake (set 2)

The loons were cool to see on the lake and I love hearing their "howling" cries!

Dawson deep in thought while having lunch!

Dawson volunteered to help cut the firewood for our stay!

Luke catches a pike!

What are they riding now? A horse? A sea dragon?

Dawson says he is on a horse! Giddy up, horsey! Take me to the truck!

Uh, Kolby, what are you doing? He had fun sliding down the dragons tail! Little fun stops on the hike out make the trip a bit longer, but more fun for the boys. I hope we can continue to make these fun trips with the boys and make more family memories!

Red Shirt Lake (set 1)

Starting off our 3 mile hike to Red Shirt Lake and canoe paddle to cabin on an island. Everyone started off with their own packs. Perfect weekend get away for Father's Day. Dawson was happy, it's just a "stranger" was taking our picture and he wasn't sure about her yet.

Dawson leading the group.

Mile 1. Luke is doing good!

Flowers along the way were so pretty!

Mile 2! Dawson still has his pack on and is doing good. He is our slow poke most of the time and needs lots of encouragement or he gets distracted by....anything! He did pretty good on the hike though.

There were some awesome trees to climb in along the way!

Boardwalks! He had fun searching for frogs. Something about this just makes me want to give him a little tap. Of course, I did not and would not....can you imagine the mess to clean up?!

Mile 3! We made it to the lake! Where's your pack Kolby? I figured the 2 lb pack verses and whiny boy... I'd carry the pack and get to the lake with a happy boy. He did good and walked in the whole way. Took us 1.5 hours, I think.

Ready for the canoe trip across the lake to the cabin!

Luke got to do a little paddling and learned it's harder than it looks!

How awesome is that! We have an island to ourselves and the view is beautiful!

UNO! Down time at the cabin, playing games with the boys.

Nothing like burning leaves in a fire with a hot-dogger in your jammies! He was happy!

Watch out pike, we are coming for ya!

Another teaching moment...

That pays off....!

Dawson captured a dragon fly. He says,"If I look really close, I can see Longtail smiling at me!" He wanted to bring him home, but Longtail got lost along the way.

We had an awesome time at our cabin on the island! The hiking, canoeing, fishing, fires, games, scenery and family time was awesome! Love our family times!

Deshka King Fishing 2012

King season is here and you know we are gonna be out there trying to get our limit. Keith is our awesome guide and he is anxious to get a King Salmon on his line.

Luke looking ready for fishing and handsome as usual.

Dawson was excited to try his hand at fishing this year. I think he was mainly just wanting to get his casting practice in...

Dan Payne(Uncle Dan) was visiting and managed to catch most of the fish. See the big splash to the left of him? The kings were in there swirling and splashing everywhere!

Lucky for Dawson, he got to help reel one in!

Keith had to help Luke get a little closer to the fish by piggy-backing him to a gravel bar.

Love this picture of my guys! Awesome teaching moment! They both have fishing on the brain.There is nothing like watching your kids doing the things you both love and being successful! 

Kolby got into fishing this year as well and did a good job reeling in this king!

Uncle Dan even caught a few rainbow trout! Pretty little fish. We let the rainbows go. Fishing is fun even when we bring nothing home. Just being out on the river with your family and doing the things you all enjoy is what it's all about.