Thursday, May 31, 2012

rocket Balloons

Rocket Balloon project

Luke working hard to get the balloon blown up.

Ready, Set, Launch!
We raced balloons until they fell to pieces!

Snow Machine Trip

Kolby and Luke having a good day in the snow.

There is a moose in the background. The snow was so deep it was hard for us to get around off trails. I can't imagine the effort these moose have to put forth in the winter months.

The sky was just cloudy enough for me to get a sun picture. Even the trees enjoy a touch from the sun!

Kolby sitting and waiting. Moose(blob inch above gun ) behind him.

Dawson having fun on the small sled. We went on this trip to hunt for ptarmigan, but saw none. So we just had fun touring around...getting stuck. More memories in the basket.

Easter Time

Shumway Family- Easter 2012

Dawson and Kolby- Making memories and hard at work making their eggs look perfect.

Luke-He is placing out the decorated eggs to have fun with.
Baby, it's cold outside!
Dawson-Let the fun begin. Shooting the painted eggs= new tradition for the Shumways, I'm thinking!
A good friend joined us for Easter dinner and brought these adorable little chicks along.

Easter Sunday was a most beautiful day and we thank God that we can enjoy the land in which He has blessed us with.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Boys

We have had our round of boy birthday's for the year. Luke had his 8th B-Day in March.
Luke wanted to make his own cake and decorate it this year. It is fun to have help with cake making now.
Luke choose to make a snowboard cake and drew the guy on himself.

Dawson turned 6 this year. He is the life of the party!

He can never just smile for me...he has to make faces!

Dawson loves to go out to eat and loves Red Robin. So we took him out for his birthday and he got a sundae with a cherry!

Kolby turned 4 in April and wanted a snowman cake!

He gave his snowman stars in his eyes and chubby cheeks! They made a mess and had fun doing it.

Time for gifts! I am enjoying the next stage of their lives, but hate to see my babies growing up. I hope they grow into amazing men! Love my boys!