Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seymour lake

It is so nice having a frozen lake to play on 5 mins away. We have had lots of fun this winter with our "snow-machines"! Luke is trying out a jump we made on our lake.

Drew and Jon having fun with the boys 120's.

Racing and playing and having a blast. Drew and Jon made a race course for themselves and took off. Our boys were watching, patiently waiting to get their sleds back. We weren't sure just when that would be.... the big boys were having so much fun! :)

Keith is keeping his drink cool while we play on the lake. Sunsets are awesome out here as well!

I hope Dawson plans to make seeing a priority before he takes off again.

Not only do we snow machine, but there is a sledding hill that we entertain ourselves with. Fisher did a good job of pulling kids up and down the hill.

Not all things turn out as planned. Dawson realized his sled was too light to go where the big sleds had gone. The branches flipped him right over. So he climbed on top to wait for help.

Some friends kindly handed down their children's skis to our boys. Luke had a great time learning how to use them. He and I followed each other around the house, through the woods, out onto the lake, and back home on our lake trails. So much fun! We have had a good winter, long cold winter with record snow fall, sledding, snow machining and learning how to x-country ski.