Monday, March 5, 2012

The things these boys say.....Jan thru Feb 2012

Kolby to Dawson-"You are the baddeth kid I never heard of!"
While getting a thumb licking wash up from mom, Kolby was protesting,"Mom! You giving me your gurmth!"
I don't blame him really, but I was chewing minty fresh gum! ;-)
First thing out of Kolby's mouth this morning after running up the stairs was,
"Member you pomissed I could play games this mo-ning?"
He has been being denied, and went to bed with the promise of games while I workout. ;-) he didn't forget obviously.
The fox jumped over a rock. She saw a frog hiding behind a large log. With a hop the frog got to the pond. The fox went to find a new friend.
Dawson filled in the blanks to this short story and looked at me with sad eyes. "Aww, why'd he have to go find a new friend? That was a sad story!" sniff, sniff
Maybe the fox will find another fox to play with, Dawson.
Dawson is doing math and had to erase a backwards number. He looked at me amazed and said,"This formula is so cool! How do they get it to erase?"
After seeing the moon from over at the neighbors house, Kolby came home and saw the moon above our house as well. He tells Keith,"I think there are two moons!"
"Mom, would you like it if someone called you a clumsy lump?", Dawson asked.
No, nothing about lumps!
Kolby hit his arm on the door frame on his way out the door. He grabbed his arm and was whimpering. I told him it was going to be fine and to suck it up. As he ran away, he was making sucking and slurping noises...guess it works! :)
Kolby came in my room and said,"Sump-peen thmellth good in here!"
I had put on some perfume. So I showed him where the good smells had come from.
He pointed at the label, "This says, Makes you thmell good.", he read on the bottle. :-)
 As Kolby runs up the stairs with me behind him, he is squealing and giggling saying, "Don't even think bout it!"
I was asking the boys what they thought I should do about their attitudes and they complaining that ha been going on.
Dawson said,"I don't know... Give us away? Or throw us off the balcony?"
I'm not sure I'll go that extreme, but anyone have a spare room just in case? ;-) 
Someone tooted (not me) and the boys started pointing fingers.
Dawson says,"It's not me, cuz I only toot on church days!"
Why did he choose church days, of all days!!!??
 Dawson was looking at a puppy puzzle app that he wanted to get, but because it wasn't free I said , NO.
He says, "Awww, Mom, but it's just too cute for a man to live!"
While scarfing down his crab, Dawson stopped a minute to tell us, "I am eating this awesome crab so fast I can't even breathe!!!"
Dawson while finishing up his crab dinner.
"Two burps means the tank is full!"
We were driving into town and Luke reached down for something and nearly fell off the seat!
He said,"I thought my seatbelt was on and I went zooming forward thinking the seatbelt brakes would stop me!"
He promptly got buckled....;-)
We passed by a snowmobile perched up on a snowy hill. A few seconds later Kolby says,"Mom! I just saw the pufect snow-a-bill fo me!"
:-) Ever since we introduced him to the boys 120's that he rides like a crazy man, he's hooked.
 Dawson-"Mom, can you get me some drink while I hoddle on down to get dressed?"
Hoddle? What is that? To waddle; hobble. Guess he wasn't far off. :)
Dawson- " Uh,oh! Someone's got a frowny face!"
Tonight we stopped at a store where Kolby and I saw a guy putting down ice melt on the sidewalk with a seed spreader. Kolby was giggling about it because "that guy was seeding the sidewalk in the winter time!"
Some friends sent us a card telling of the activities of their granddaughters. Rock climbing and dance. The boys were discussing if they would be afraid of heights to do rock climbing, Dawson was "definitely not afraid!" and Luke was "A little scared of heights." So Dawson made the decision that he would do rock climbing then and Luke could do dance! :)
Dawson asked us about the iditarod today and how far the mushers had to go.
"Do the guys bring a lunch?", he asked.
I sure hope so, 1,000 miles and 10 days is a long ride. :-)
 Kolby-"You know yat I have a py(spy) house?"
No, what do you do in you spy house?
"Oh, thumtimes there are bugth in dere and we eat them!"
Dawson,out of the blue, asked us tonight,"Is it okay if we call someone a cotton-headed-minny-muggins?" To which we both started laughing!
 Do my boys play too much games?
"Dawson, we got 8 eggs today!", I said.
"What? Only 8?! Our best score is 11!", he says in disgust.
Luke came up this morning and sat by Fisher cuddling with him. Within 2 mins I heard, "Oh, Fisher you are soooo a-DOR-able!....Gross, Fisher you are so disgusting!"
I remember letting a little boy in bed with us last night briefly. This morning he was laying on my arm and when he woke up I asked him,"What are you doing in my bed?"
Kolby so sweetly said, "Remember? I was cared?"
Kolby-"If your a genius, that means you have a baby!"
Interesting! He says I told him "yat", pretty sure I didn't! :-)
The boys are sliding their cars across the hardwood floor and crashing into something hard. Luke shouts out,"Ah, the air bags popped out!" Kolby says," What are thoth?" "They are the things that poof out at you in the car.", he says. Dawson adds,"They squirt you in the face!"
 Kolby shone a flashlight in my mouth and was amazed, "You have a tiny little tongue back there!"
Dawson guess what is in the stores now? Candy hearts!
"Oh, I love those candies! I took six out of the trash(at home) and ate them...I love them so much! I also took a gummy fish outta there!"
Gross, Dawson! Don't take stuff outta the trash and eat it!!!!
Kolby came wobbling over to me in the snow with his skates on. He said he had to tell me he loved me. :-) then he fell! I asked him if he'd been walking long?
Yes, he said.
How long?, I asked.
I don't know, he says, one day?!
Today like was trying to put on his snow clothes and get everything tucked in. He told me,"I wish I had 4 hands sometimes, cuz I can't do this by myself!"
I told him he is not the only one who has thought that. :-)
Dawson- "This is something you won't believe! You'll have to peel your eyes off!"
When we get kolby dressed for the day, he asks for his "morning pants". When we get him ready for bed, he wears his "dark clothes". Tonight he is wearing his "canamo pants" to bed. (camo)
Dawson thanked God tonight in his prayer for his "loose tooth that wasn't quite loose yet". He is so anxious to get a loose tooth! Funny boy!
"Mom, my hawt is a little crack-ded.", Kolby told me. Why?, I asked.
"Cuz Dawson huted my feelings.", he said.
Kolby what is this wet spot in your unnies?
"I dunno! It wasn't me!", he says.
Kolby! Who did it then?
"Um, I think it was Fishoor!", he says.
Kolby! It wasn't Fisher!
"Oh, it was me I guess.", he says giving in.
Ya think?!! Someone needs a lesson in responsibility and lying!
The boys were thinking today that it would be nice if The Statue of Liverty could have a friend. What would its name be? Hmmmm......
Boys were talking today about how they love olive oil on bread. Dawson says,"Not the oil you put in machines, the kind that you put on food."
I told Dawson to get a bowl out and I would fill it with tomato soup. I came into the kitchen and saw no bowl out. Stating the obvious, I said,"Dawson you don't have a bowl!"
"No," he says gasping,"I was focused on drinking. I was so thirsty I couldn't breathe!"
If you haven't noticed, he's a bit dramatic!!!
Keith is playing a game on the iPad with the boys all gathered around.
Kolby watching says,"You ah a hawd wooking man, are you? Did you know yat? You ah beaten them down!"
Today at music Dawson sat in the kid circle between two other boys, holding his nose. The teacher asked him what was wrong?
He says disgustedly,"Someone stinks! Their breath stinks I think!"
Great! I have the rude kid in class that points out others problems....or maybe I'll take him as the guy that just is brave enough to state, what everyone else is thinking.
Kolby? Where is the piece that is missing from your toy?
"Um, I don't know. It just went KA-BOOSH and it was gone." He says while holding his hands out to the side. Another mystery Ka-booshing....
Dawson- "You know that some place in Alaska it is -100 degrees! Some people go out fully naked(gulp) even without their socks or ear covers!"
Kolby-"How fathinating (fascinating)!"
After having his fill of croutons, Dawson raised them in the air saying,"Croutons for sale! Croutons for sale!"
Luke snatched them up and Dawson said,"That'll be 700 bucks!" Luke smacked down the imaginary money in Dawson's hand both going away pleased. Luke comes to me in the kitchen and whispers,"I only gave him $100!" ;-) Meanwhile, Dawson is proudly boasting in the other room,"No one will ever trick me! Ha, Ha!"
At gym, Dawson's teacher was giving him a hard time about being in the wrong class. A girl glass. He said to Dawson, "Well, you don't smell like a girl." To which Dawson replied,"That's because I have cologne on!"
Three squirts I might add!
"Luke! Don't go outside! My froat(throat) almost froze to ice in one minute!" Dawson says gasping for breath. -16 outside
 While listening to Cinderella on tape, Kolby kept asking me where the bad guys were.
"Are those the bad guyth?", he said. "Is that a pi-wit?", pointing to the Duke with the eye piece
Kolby came and asked if he could have a Popsicle. I suppose so since you ate your dinner, I said.
"Ok, if you thay tho!", he said.
Wait.. Didn't he ask me? :-)
While working on his math,Luke was singing Chris Tomlins -Jesus messiah- song. "Jesus Messiah
Name above all names
Blessed Redeemer
Except the words were...
Emmanuel!" :-)
When has there been too much Ice Age? When the boys anger each other and spout, "You are outta the herd!"

With the power out, the boys decided my bed was a good playground. I saw pillows piled high and a voice inside said,"This is my mole house! You have to knock to come in!"
I gave Kolby some cough medicine and he says,
"Why you give me yat? It makes me cough!"
Dawson came up from "Brushing his teeth".
"Uh, mom? I did sompleen wrong and I shoulda thought ahead, but I didn't. See. I put the bottom part of my toothbrush that sticks to the counter under where the water comes out. Now.... There is water everywhere... cuz it sprayed out!"
Yeah.. Funny thing about thinking ahead... Saves you clean up later!
Kolby has been NON STOP chatter this evening!!!
"Accuse me, mom? Um....blah,blah, blah! Can you hear me? Are you lithening to me?"
I finally told him to not not talk anymore!
"But you never let me talk!", he complained.
Yes, I do, but you talk so much and with nothing important to say!
He says, "I want to say sumpeen, but I keep arrupting mythelf! So I can't talk!
Kolby was using the toilet when Fishoor came in to see his boy. Kolby got after him saying,"Hey, Fishoor! You unnertand what I'm doing here? Go away!" Fisher just laid down, so kolby said,"I guess you can tay in here!"
After picking up the boys from the airport, Ryan was walking out with my 2 youngest in hand. Dawson looking up watching him says,
"My mom said you were going to be bigger than her. I guess she lied!"
(They are both my height and wearing my coats and gloves while here. :-)