Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun at the reindeer farm

We had a good fun trip to the reindeer farm and met up with our neighbors and friends to enjoy the fun together. Aiyana, Dawson, Peter, Luke, Kolby, Weston, and Ceiala

Hay bales can be so much fun!


Horse rides!
Hay rides!

Mazes! With candy throwers!
Antonia got involved in this maze as well!

Dawson finds a girlfriend!

Pumpkins, of course!

Ah, that feels good!

Feeding time! It was a fun day with friends.


While in the waters of Valdez, the waters started getting choppy and the boys restless. We motored over to a bay to take a break from the waves and fuel our bodies. Upon coming into this protected bay, we noticed these mossy trees. I was intrigued by them and took lots of pictures.

At shore, the boys bounded out of the boat on what appeared to be a meadowy field of grass and cotton. Good thing they had rubber boots on because even though the meadow was higher than the ocean, it was swampy and smushy, like walking on a soft mattress.

A view back to the ocean from the cove and marsh-meadow. :)
 Home? Back out of the cove, through the bay to the left, take a right around the mountain  and then about 8 miles straight to the port. (: Roughly that is, not sure the exact mileage :)

Something hard, dry-ish and not wavy to sit on. :)


As you can tell by the moss being sideways, the wind was blowing. :)

Dawson climbs the hill to gets his picture taken, his idea by the way. "Isn't that a good idea, Mom?"

Gotta leave the cove and head home before the waters get any rougher.

This place is so beautiful and full of amazing adventures we have yet to do.
Glacier bed.

Views from lookout above town of Valdez.
A good clear day for amazing mountains views on the drive home. Besides a day of me having a throbbing head and not many salmon to bring home....we still had an awesome time once again touring the waters of Alaska. 

Valdez Aug 2011

A trip to Valdez with beautiful weather! What an amazing thing!

The waterfalls are so beautiful! Just where are they coming from? I bet there is a glacier up there somewhere.

Ghostly cloud trying to imitate an island.

Another view from a distance.
While out shrimping, we found a small octopus had squeezed into our pot. Very strange creature when viewed up close. It looks like it is melting.

I believe this is a giant pacific octopus. Not so giant yet, of course. If what I read about octopi(octopuses) was correct, then if all 8 tentacles have suckers on them .... then the octopus is a girl, if only 7 have suckers and one is without... then it's a boy. So I guess we caught a girl octopus..

Flat waters for fishing, although we didn't do so well this trip out, we still had fun. This might have been my birthday day.
As always... Luke catches the fish.

We had enough of not catching salmon, so went to a bay where we could let the boys have fun catching rockfish.

There are all different kinds and colors of these rock fish. So it makes it fun to see what you will reel up next. Kolby is putting this one in his memory bank.
Dawson catches a beauty.
Luke had lots of fun and didn't want to stop.
Kolby was so interested in looking the fish over that he never would look at the camera.

Headed home, waters were getting choppy. We watched as a barge was leaving the bay. We wonder, why is the tug boat behind the ship? 

Mountains, islands, ocean, sun, poles, and boat, all images of a good day.

See to the right where an avalanche had come tumbling through the valley at some point? Now it's covered in thick brush.

What do the boys do when they are stuck in a boat for 12 hours? When they are not fishing or playing on beaches, eating or sleeping, they play games on their iPads or gameboys. They are good little troopers for how long we stay out sometimes. They get to see so many cool things here that I think they are happy to go along for the adventure.