Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fair-ly happy

It's Fair time again! The boys are looking fair-ly happy sitting next to the almost state record pumpkin. This pumpkin was weighed in at 1,723 lbs! Unfortunately, because of a small hole on the underside of it, it was disqualified.

The Star of the show. I try to be frugal at the fair, but Dawson was so anxious to get his face painted. I had never let him before so I gave in and he was so happy about that star for a few days.

We went on a Ferris wheel. This time we went on the big one that we could all sit on. We went to the fair on Buddy Days and were able to double our rides, with a buddy getting on the ride for free. That was a lot of fun sharing our rides.

Pioneer peak from one side of the Ferris wheel.
Looking towards Palmer and the rest of the fair on the other side of the Ferris wheel.

My truckers.

......and pilots!

We watched this Chinese acrobats do their act! It was very interesting watching them jump through these hoops and do tricks.

In the barn we walked through the garden section and saw the beautiful flowers that were grown! Such huge blossoms on some of them!

Different varieties and arrangements!

Of course, they had the baby piggies born at the fair again. This time they had two sets there!

Did we get any better at hula-hooping? I'm not sure we did, but it was fun to watch them try!

Luke did fairly well! He was using the huge ones with more weight.

What is wrong here? 1. He is too cute to be a pirate. 2. I thought his hands were supposed to be holding his weapons!

This year the animal exhibit was an Australian theme! We saw lots of neat animals and talked with a lady "with a funny voice". :)

A pelican! This one was only 6 months old and would get much bigger.
The boys trying their moves out with the hula hoops! We had a full day of fun and entertainment with Daddy coming to join the fun after work. We love the fair and are all fair-ly happy with our day!

The Butte - Fall 2011

While the colors were still on the trees, I wanted to take another trip up the Butte. The colors were waning, but it was still a beautiful view from up above the valley.

The boys chose the steeper route, so the daddys followed. Kolby and I kept to the trail.

The boys found some other kids to play on the rocks with while we admired the view.
Kolby had fun digging in a cave! He was a dirt pile when we got back to the truck.
The colors all make such a contrast, rocks, fields of green, the changing leaves and the snowy peaks. Oh, and the little boy perched on the edge of the rocky cliffs.

Time for a drink break! He looks to be enjoying that Sunny D doesn't he? I wonder if they need any advertisement pictures? :)

The Man and his Dog.

The hoodlums and their friend, Weston.

Sliding through the ruts is so much fun!

Finally, a picture with Mom in it! She doesn't like her picture taken.

More dirt trails to slide down!

This grass always makes for a good picture!

Flying high..... above the glaciers!

Okay, see what I was talking about? He tripped and ate the dust that covered the trail on the way back down! A dirt pile!

Time for a wash up, some rock skipping and throwing contest!

The Butte seems so much bigger when you are on it! From this angle...it a small hill we just climbed.

Clark-Wolverine Valley! It was good to get out with the boys and some friends and enjoy God's creations. I never cease to be amazed about the scenery here in Alaska!