Friday, October 28, 2011

A visit from Grammie

We were so happy to be able to have my Mom come up in July for a visit.
It was a good visit and the boys got to know who Grammie was and Grammie got to enjoy her

grandsons up in Alaska.  We wanted to send her home with plenty of fish, so we went out in the Ocean a lot, catching salmon. We were able to see so many cool things with my Mom. Things we hadn't even seen before.

We had an amazing experience with the whales out in Whittier. We followed them from a distance, watching them surface 3 times then go down for 3 minutes before surfacing again. At on point they turned and were right in front of us! That was exciting enough, but that wasn't close enough for them I guess. The next time they popped up was 20 ft in front of us(if that) head on!!! They were as surprised as us and dove down showing off their tails! They came up right behind the boat again. I was having difficulties with our camera and wasn't able to get this amazing adventure on camera. Bummer!

Giving us a view of it's tail. I am not sure what type of whale this is. We have seen quite a few whales while out on the oceans. We also saw some while fishing in Seward waters.

While fishing in Seward, my Mom got to fish until she was tired out. She would say she was done, but there is just something about a fish on that gets you all excited to reel it in..


While waiting for shrimp pots to fill we took mom on a tour of the glaciers. It was a chilling experience and Mom was happy to go to warmer temps.

Keith holds a chum salmon that Mom brought in. Their colors are really neat, but I guess that don't taste very good. They are referred to as "dog salmon".

While camping we saw some beautiful sunsets!

The boys had a good time with their Grammie and were sad to see her go. I was of course as well. I miss being with my Mom and other family.

Alaska is where the fun is!

We got some shrimp to show Grammie.

Mom enjoyed spending some down time on the sunny beach. Though it wasn't hot out, it was very nice and relaxing!

We spent some time at Kasilof  Trying to dipnet some fish. Turns out the fish weren't really running the river yet. We missed them by one tide! We had a great time though just relaxing on the beach.
I have put just a few picture on here, but there are so many more to view. Go to the link below to view our adventures with Grammie.