Monday, July 25, 2011


We welcome the newest addition to our family. A male yellow lab puppy, Fisher.This picture was taken at his previous home after picking him out of the litter.

Getting some snuggles on his first day home.

All these snuggles are making me hot.

Growing up and out investigating.

Sweet boy Fisher.

The boys have introduced him to the trampoline. I rescued him as he didn't look to happy about all the bouncing.
Finding a spot on the porch. Fisher was only 5 1/2 weeks when we brought him home.
All the fun of the day has worn this puppy out! 

Help Daddy! The boys are after me again! He likes to be in the middle of what we are doing. No joke! He gets tripped over, stepped on and pushed off of our projects all the time! He is a great addition and we love him already. Now for training!

Beach boys

When ever we are out on the boat, the boys are always wanting to go to the beaches to play. They skip rocks, investigate water-pools, caves, boulders, waterfalls and whatever else is on the beach.

Kolby has always been a climber. I am used to it, but he scares people. When I hear a gasp or a concerned word, I will make him climb down. Big boulders are a thing to worry about though, so I stuck close to him. 

I am King of the Beach! Dawson is such a goofball and is always ready with a silly look or comment.

Race you to the top!
Kolby! Wait for me! Dawson and Kolby scaling the rocks covered with barnacles and seaweed, looking for tidepools.

Little fishy, I can see you.
Kolby found an anemone hiding in a small pool in the rocks.

Waterfalls,and snow-piles make for big streams to cross .
Dawson and Kolby discussing how to get across the stream.

What a view from the beach! The day was sunny and warm, and the ocean calm.

You can't really tell from this picture, but this was straight up. The water was seeping out from the cliff and spilling out all around this tree and over the rocks.

Lots of room to run and play.

The water was so clear. It was neat looking down into the water searching for creatures.

Found some! There were hundreds so little fish in this school.

A look down the shore line.

We took a minute to clean up the shrimp catch.

So my foot isn't HUGE, but this shrimp is! 

Luke in the middle of a shrimp face-off!
A crab we caught in our shrimp pot.
This looks like a baby rock-fish of some kind, but I'm not sure what it is. He also got caught in the pots. We have lots of fun out in the boat and on the beaches. So glad we are able to have a boat to go do all these fun things together as a family.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day in Whittier

In May, we took a day and went to Whittier. In the bay we headed to the opposite shore to take a look at the rookery. The rocks were white with birds and the noise was incredible!

At the top of the waterfall I spotted a goat!

We headed out past Decision Point and dropped our shrimp pots! We toured around the Glaciers, hoping to get shrimp while we let the pots soak on the ocean floor.

It was really neat hearing and seeing the Glaciers calve off.

On this day, there were otters everywhere, floating in the icy water with their babies riding on mama's belly. They are enjoyable to watch swim around and so cute!

There are waterfalls all over the cliffs! Icy glaciers melting making for awesome views and thundering falls.

The water has such pretty color. The boys like trying to touch it when we stop the boat.

Another great site to see while out boating around was the whales! We seem to see them every time we go out. It's exciting to hear that first blow of their spouts..then the search begins. I was able to get some video of the glaciers and birds. We had a great day out on the ocean and the weather was prefect!

Daddy done did da deck!

The first project is complete, the front deck! Boy, do we use this nice area, too. The boys roller-blade on it, bike, play cars, read, eat and just enjoy the sunny days here.

We had lots of helpers in the building process. Kolby loves to spray water, so he got the water sprayer job.
Can anyone tell me what these little creatures are that we dug up? :).

Digging, pounding, leveling, glad I have a husband that can "do it himself". We have fun working together and seeing the great results!

It was such a hot sunny day and we were thankful for the sun to work in.
Luke wanted to help and sometimes there just isn't the right job for little helpers. So you have to make them up, like hammering nails out of a useless board! He felt helpful though and had fun pounding. :)

Almost done!
It's finished!!! I think Hoss approves of the deck as well.
One project down, now for clean up.....Oh, and adding driveway edging, flowerbeds, and a lawn.

The flowers love being against the house in the warm sun.

We were able to bring some Hens and Chicks from Durango. They made it through the winter out in the woods where we had planted them last October.

I just love the fading colors of these flowers.

Happy flowers.

In the very first picture you probably saw our smoker on the deck. This is what Keith has been doing with the fish we've been catching. He tried a new recipe along with the old this time. The new recipe has Pineapple juice in it and makes the salmon strips softer.

Keith picked up this huge smoker from a guy 2 years ago. He loves being able to smoke lots of strips at a time.  We love being able to use and enjoy our new deck!