Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain, costumes and unbrellas!

One day Mr. Ladybug and Mr. Duck decided to go out for a walk in the rain. Mr. Ladybug wasn't too sure about this venture, but Mr. Duck assured him that it would be fun and exciting. "Look at all the puddles we can go through!", Mr. Duck said with excitement in his voice.

So off they went, with Mr. Duck in the lead. Mr. Ladybug wasn't far behind, but as you can imagine.... He was skeptical of following a duck in a bear costume. They marched all around the yard, walking through puddles, mud and even some snow. Mr. Ladybug was having so much fun he started singing, "Singing in rain, singing in rain....!"   With rain dripping from their heads and smiles on their faces, they eventually came back to the shelter of their home. Their feet were a little muddy so they took their boots off before heading inside the house to warm themselves. "We have GOT to do that again sometime!", said Mr. Duck. Mr. Ladybug agreed.  Moral of the story: Never judge a duck by his costume.

Mama's boys!

Dawson, Kolby and Luke on Mother's Day 2011

I can never get a good picture of all three as you know. I guess you can see their personalities better this way. Love my boys!