Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keith's view of flying clams!

To fly out to Polly creek, Keith and I were in separate planes. There were 7 of us going so we needed to distribute the weight evenly between the two planes. Keith also took some pictures from his phone. So here are some of his views....

Keith has spotted our plane above the mountains.

A view of Anchorage. About halfway down the road towards the ocean is Keith's work on the right, across the road is the red building.

Flying over the ocean, the girls plane. Not sure how much I liked flying over so much water down there. :)

Lonely oil rig.

Flying near Soldotna, Keith found the forest to be thinned in an unusual way. Keith also took some videos. They are of my plane....the first one Jamie tilts the planes wings for a wave, the second one is a big video picture of just how small we really are.

More Flying Clams!

Oil rigs perched high above the changing tides.

Miles and miles of rocky cliffs and sandy beaches.

A River runs to it....the ocean. Our planes' shadow on the beach below, we are heading back home from clamming.

I sure hope the pilots make the runway, or they will be in the swamp for sure. Plenty of room for them to land I'm sure.

Small cabins lined along the edge of swamp land.

A winding river makes it's way to the ocean from the snow capped mountains beyond.

More cabins that look to be on flooded islands.

I thought this was interesting. Two clear ponds surrounded by small swamps that have patches of tundra littered through them.

Coming home and seeing the sights from the air (that I usually snap shots of from the ground) was pretty neat. This is the Knik River and you can see the Butte(small hill) in the center, the Hay Flats that we see moose in all the time is the the left.

More sights of the road traveled to church and the rivers crossed in the distance.

Here is a view of the Glacier that we travel to by boat.

This is unique and I'm not sure if this was a man-made design or not. I'm wondering it this is a swamp boat racecourse? Looks "peace"ful, huh? :)

Water veins draining to the ocean with the tide.

Lots and lots of rivers, lakes, small ponds, streams, and marsh beautify the landscape.

One of our planes on the beach where we clammed.

The colors of the beaches, land and rivers, make taking pictures easy and interesting to see.

More of the same, but different. I hope to get up in a plane again and maybe see more wildlife and scenery soon.

Flying clams!

Anchorage, Alaska

Keith is in this plane with Brent and pilot Matt. We were invited to go out clamming with Jamie, Heidi, Brent and Rachel. The difference this time was...we would be flying out to clam on a beach only accessible by boat or plane. We had a good time, and this was my first time up in a small plane here in Alaska. Loved the scenery and searching for animals below.

Crossing the Inlet and enjoying the views! When we drive to go clamming , we take the road along the left of the inlet all the way up and around the water, then through the mtns. You can see beluga whales in this inlet as well as bore tides, which are pretty cool to watch come in.

There is so much scenery to watch and be in awe of! Seeing all the winding little streams and rivers leading to the ocean was amazing!

Tide is going out, exposing lots of beach full of clams!

Safe landing for Keith! (And us....)

Clam holes were in abundance!

Nice sized clam holes, nice sized clams!

As soon as they got out they were digging holes, right beside the plane!

Rachel and Brent Clark getting the experience of flying out to clam on a remote clamming beach! How cool is that?

Keith digging clam. Can you see all the clam holes on the ground? The plane us girls and pilot Jamie flew in on.

A view from above of the guys getting ready to take off.

The tires on this plane were a bit small for the mucky sand. The plane sank in a bit causing lots of pushing and pulling to move it to higher, drier sand land.

You can see a coast guard heli along the beach. I learned that 5 guys died while out clamming. This CG heli was out there searching for the last 2 remaining bodies to be found. They found them Wed. maybe even while we were out there clamming. Sort of an eerie thing to witness.

White plane is one of our guys', clam holes all around it. A pilot looks for the long dry patches of sand for landing on.

We spotted a black bear. He's hard to see but he's near the top of the picture.

There is so many changes in the landscape. Marshy, sandy, mtns, brushy, flooded..... It's all so unique and beautiful though.