Friday, April 22, 2011

Kolby turns 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little boy, Kolby!
Love this picture of our baby boy and his Daddy meeting! Kolby was so tiny! Love my boys!
So sweet, he has such a great smile!

Kolby is quite a character! I think he is a mixture of the other two boys so far. He is sweet, but can be a trouble maker. He is smart, but can be stubborn. He is funny, but can be serious. He has a lot of facial expressions to go a long with his personality, also.

Mr. Serious, Mr. Funny, and Mr. In-between.

On April 14th, Kolby's birthday, we went to Happy Hoppers, again. The boys love going there and  we usually only go for special occasions. When birthday time comes around, they get a lot of bounce time.

Kolby is playing a game on my IPhone. I thought it was cute that he was so involved in the game that he was fine sitting on the stool off in the corner of the kitchen.

We have had some good times with our boys here in Alaska! Camping, fishing, clamming, hiking.....more to come!

Kolby might be able to handle a fish this year! He likes to touch them, and when we smack them with the stick he says,    "Naw-nee fish!" I guess he thinks we are spanking them. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Seven years of good.....boy!

Happy 7th birthday, Lukie! I can't believe this cute little boy has grown so fast! We were watching videos of him this morning, walking, clicking his tongue, taking baths, fishing in the yard, and just being a little boy. Luke at six months old, and already tired!

We used to hike up the hill from our place in Durango. This was the end of the road. I actually miss getting to walk up and down those hills, and my body shows it, unfortunately! Luke would almost always fall to sleep in the "pack-pack".
Luke wanted a snowmobile cake this year. We ended up just drawing one on and he decorated it. Keith told him to make a wish before he blew his candles out, but not to tell anyone. The next day he told me what his wish was. :) "That I would do better at my school work and that I would see a shooting star." Maybe so he could make another wish? :)

Making his cake beautiful! With some help, of course.

Shum-Team, huh? We did the traditional bowling for Luke's birthday. Luke is a pro-bowler, just like everything else he does.
We also went to a bounce house we had never been to before with friends. The boys had lots of fun!
For some reason, they all wanted to "fake" play this video game. I say fake because we did not put money in it, but they moved the controls and talked like things were happening.

In theme with our "B" day, birthday, bouncing, bowling day...... Luke wanted to get a fish this year. We got a "B"etta fish! Luke named him, "Shy". He had a rough beginning in our house, well, before we even got out of the pet store actually! Luke was carefully carrying his fish in the covered cup down the aisle. Dawson came skipping from behind him swinging his arms. You can guess what happened next.... Dawson's hand hit the cup and it went flying up in the air and landed with a splat on the floor! The cup was broke, water was everywhere, and the poor fish was flopping. You could see in Luke's face that he was sure his fish would die and he was so sad. With tears running down his cheeks, we went and gave the fish back to the lady and asked her to put the"fish out of water", back in some water. Guess what? He lived and made it safely home and is happily swimming around in his fish bowl.
At school, Luke had been taking a robotics class. In that class they used the Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 robot. So using his home-school money, we went and purchased a robot for him. You can see that he was very happy about it.
After Luke sat and figured out how to put it all together, he and Keith sat down and figured out how to make it run correctly.                                                                                       Luke has really been enjoying his 4-wheeler lately. With the slick driveway, it makes for even more fun! Hang on Dawson! We love you, Luke! Happy birthday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moose Watch

After sliding down our hill for a bit, the boys wanted to climb up a brush pile. When we got on the top of it, a moose jumped up from it's bed! You can see his bed, the brush pile, and our house. Not very far from us...the moose must of been enjoying the sounds of little boys playing.

Here, if you are good with images, you can see the outline of the moose and it's tracks.

"Oh, these twigs are so good! You just have to shut your eyes!" You can see his little horn nubs above his eyes. This was a different moose then the one that laid down.

Can you spot this little guy? His mom was not far from him, but not in this picture.

Mama moose is watching her baby. We enjoy having the moose around to watch. I'm not sure how I will be able to have a garden this summer, but for now...we enjoy the wildlife in the yard.
Fur Rondy 2011, downtown "Angeridge", flags are flyin' proud!
We went to the Dog Pull this year before going and watching the sled dogs race. It was really neat to watch these dogs, and their different personalities as they pulled the weight!

This big baby was only 10 months old! He wasn't quite sure about pulling, yet, and didn't know his own strength! He looked so sweet(the dog). His owner was quite grizzled looking, but I'm sure he was a nice man as well.

This was a cool looking, strong dog! He was a special breed, a South African Boerboal. He was huge and pulled really well. We didn't stay to see who won because we wanted to catch the last part of the dog race. The grizzled old man, Jeff Nelson, with one of his Saint Bernards named, Casey, won. The dog weighed 177 lbs and pulled 2270 lbs! The video at the bottom is of a great little dog named, Kyra, a 39 lb. Australian Shepard. She was the best puller, really got aggressive with her pulling. She had a hard time with the last pull she did because it was 920 lbs.! She just made you want to lean into it and help her.

We then walked down the street to the dog sled races! Where we watched a few teams go by.

It's still really neat to see the snow all laid out in the streets. We talked with a guy who said that trucks can get the streets all cleaned up in like 15 mins. Trucks just scoop it to the center after the races for the day are over. Laying in down takes a few hours though!

The boys love being able to be so close to the dogs as they go by. We cheer them on, and sometimes the owners throw out goodies for the kids!

This year we saw Blayne Streeper go by! Later, we learned that there was an issue with him and another team and Blayne Streeper was disqualified from the race. They almost got tangled and Blayne struck out at and cursed the other musher! Sad that things had to end that way, but glad that there is still results for ones' actions in the real world.

Another beautiful day with reminders to, WATCH OUT FOR MOOSE!