Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We had a great time with family while in Durango. Here is Keith and I with the boys, Granna & Gruncle, Gary & Debbie with their 2 girls, Kaitlyn and Brooklyn and boy, Garrett.

Granna & Gruncle with the boys. Granna must of been tickling Kolby.

The boys got to go ride Frosty Jack again when we went to visit with friends , Kevin & Patty.

They both were much braver this time and had so much fun riding.

Kolby wasn't feeling well, but he went for a ride with Luke. He was happy to watch since he really just felt like sleeping.Good boy, Frosty Jack!

Beautiful Colorado

On one beautiful fall day in October 2010, we took a drive to Silverton to visit with some friends. The drive was just as beautiful as when we had lived there and made that same winding drive.

The colors of fall are so pretty in the mountains.

Nestled in the valley, between towering peaks, lies Silverton.,_Colorado
Our friends we met in Silverton, Myron & Donna Barker, their son, Bradley &  son, Daniel, wife, Sara & children Addalyssa and Milo. Our boys were already in the car.

There is this house in the town of Silverton that looks to be partially underground? It may just have an earth roof.

On our way back to Durango we stopped and felt the hotsprings by the side of the rode.

The boys enjoyed feeling the warm water and Luke didn't want to leave.

We of course, had to run by and see our house. It was neat going back and seeing all the growth of the plants and trees. There is no body living there at the moment. We had called the owner and asked if we could dig up some plants to bring back with us. So we brought home some bulbs and saplings.

Love, Love, Love the big Pines in CO. I would love to have bigger trees here. Mostly here are small spruce, birch, and brush. Southern Ak. has more of the bigger trees I'm told. I was hoping for Cedar trees when we moved here. It is still pretty without big trees though. I'm hoping that the pine trees we brought back with us will grow here. For now I will just enjoy looking back on pictures and the wonderful memories we've made. 

The things these boys 2010!

Dawson singing- "Jesus 'diapered' all the children...." Luke keeps trying to correct him, but Dawson won't have any of it. :)
Dawson-"I'm a good getter-outer, amn't I, Mama? Cept', not a hard door opener guy." As he crawls out of the trailer and opens the door, dancing through because he now hears music. :)
Luke- "Mom, did you know that the song 'If your happy and YOUR know it' says YOU instead of YOUR? Saying your, doesn't even make sense does it?"- -----Even though that is how he has sung it for years;-)
 Dawson -"Mamma, I almost said a bad word! I smacked my face though and made it stop coming out. That always works for me." ;-)
Boys took a bath in our jet tub tonight. I heard,"Uh, Mom! We have a little problem here! The sprays make too many bubbles! Now Dawson looks like a lady!" lol 
Dawson- "Mamma? Where do Indians live?" Without a second thought Luke says, "In Indiana." ;-)
Dawson- Mamma? What color is Hoss's REAL skin?
What should I do with a little boy Dawson, who has the,"Ha-choos"?
The boys brought up the topic, smoking. They informed me.... Luke- It is bad for you and if you smoke it attracts other people. Dawson- Smoking is harmly for children.
The wind has been CRAZY! Semis tipped over, campers blown off moving trucks, lights out, trees down, radio says gusts of up to 80mph! The boys has gotten a little scared about the creaking noises and truck shaking. Dawson says,"It freaked me out to death!"
Dawson telling a story,"So I went out to cut a tree and brought a sawl. I found a tree and I cutted it down with my sawl. But THEN...I sawl a gooder tree I wanted. So I cutted that tree down with my sawl..." Luke..."Dawson. It's better, not gooder!"
I just heard Luke say, "Come on Dawson! Use your imagination!" ....wonder if he's heard that
Dawson-Hey guys! Who wants to play "Kid says"? Luke- Actually, Dawson it's called "Simon says".
I was pointing out to Luke the pancake mix on the shelf at the store. See the one that says "blueberry - light and fluffy"? He drags it off the shelf and about drops it to the floor. "I thought this said it was LIGHT?", he said puffing.)
Luke -" Mom can we have french toast for dinner?" sure "What will you have?" same as you, cuz I like it too. "I just love it! I love the looks of it and how it tastes. When I see it I think, YUMMY!"
Luke singing Christmas songs-"Joy to the world.....Let every heart, be-pared Him rude...." and "We three King of all-e-ent are...." :-) I just can't correct him... It's too cute!
Luke has a loose tooth, his first one! He was wondering about the tooth fairy. I said we could get a book about it. "Or", he said, "we could look it up on the Internet!" Love my little nerd!
I put a huge thing of vinegar in our cart at Freddy's and Luke about started to cry. "Noooo, mom! Why do you need a huge one?" I do use it for other things besides lying, ya know! :-)
Kolby was playing with a toy story dinosaur flashlight at the store. When he pushed the button, it would roar. "ROAR!" again "ROAR!" then it'd say,"Were you scared?" Every time it asked that Kolby would nonchalantly say, "Yeah." Then it'd start all over again. " ROAR! ROAR! Were you scared?" "Yeah."
Dawson - after I hear the thumping stop-,
"Oh, Man! I almost broke my head off!"
Should I be worried? Nah!
As we pulled into our new houses' driveway Dawson sees the door and says,"Oh, yeah! We have door handles, baby!"
Dawson starting squirming around, swinging his arms, legs prancing at Lukes gym class tonight. I looked over at him and he said,"Oh, man! I don't know what's come over me! I can't stop!"
Luke-"Great! Now that Dawson got hurt, we can't do his brilliant idea!" I think it involves jumping from their bunk-beds. At least that is what is sounds like from the thuds and the dining light rattling!
Luke-"I drank two whole glasses of water!" Good! We need to drink more cuz it's good for our bodies, I said. Dawson pipes up,"But we don't eat poop do we, Mamma." SAY WHAT? Where'd that come from? No Dawson, very true!
Dawson-"Mama? How old was I back in the old days?" ;-)
My boys are playing so nicely together today...they are on the couch, falling off into places like.. "Oh, No! The Artic Ocean! Swim!!!" "What? We're in Africa now?" "Oh, great! We are in hot Texas where everyone speaks Spanish?" lol
Dawson was watching me peel a pomegranate. "Mamma? Are those the pomafranets bones?", he asked. "Look at the cute little families of them!"
Dawson- "Oh..I wish I didn't have to fall out of bed and get hurt! I need bob the builder ice, mama!" He did have a red bump by his eye. If you could only hear him say things....
Dawson saying bedtime prayers....."Jesus, Daddy, Mommy, Luke...Wait! I did it wrong.(snort) I'll try again. Jeeessuuuss, Daaadddy, mooooommmmmy, Luuuuukie..." I guess his prayers are better if they are long and drawn out.
Luke is starting piano lessons today with Dawson's preschool teacher! Dawson informed me that, "Mrs. Tiffany, my teacher can play piano LOTS better than you Mama!" Well, let's hope so since she is teaching Luke piano! :-)
Dawson-"Kolby, your so beautiful!" Kolby- "Noi'not!" Somehow 'no, I'm not' has turned into one word and it's his new favorite thing to say. That and "Self!Self!", Mr. Independent.... Go for it! No one else seems to want that job.
Dawsons new career option is being a fireman. I asked if he knew what a fireman did? He said,"Yes, they blow out fires!" That's a lot of puffing! Lol
Dawson eats good food so he can have candy. So lately he has been requesting peanut butter sandwiches with reese peanut-butter cups grated into them. "They're delicious!", he says. ;-)
Luke is drawing a picture of a pig and a dog all sporadically. I told him he should practice drawing a whole picture, like the pig in a pasture. He asked what a pasture was. Dawson thought he had the answer and says,"Oh, you mean like a church pig?" lol Luke says,"No Dawson! Pasture! Not pastor!"
Our church has been encouraging "God Sightings", things that you feel are given to you from God. It could be in nature, people, happenings, whatever is special to you.
Dawson was telling a story about a bear..."and it was bouncing along on it's HEAD!!!!"
Luke spouts,"Now THAT, would be a special God sighting!"
Indeed it would Luke! :-)
Luke-"Mom? Do blind people drive?"
Me-"No, Luke. They can't see where they are going!"
Luke-"Then how do they get to church?"
Dawson- "Mamma? What if all the leave-es were gone from the trees? That'd be a bad day wouldn't it?" Said at the end of summer.
Luke- "My leg is hurting so bad I can feel my heart beeping in it!" he is fine.
Wind is howling, trees are falling, buckets are flying away, lights are a flickerin', and Luke saying,"This is what I was talking about that I don't like, because it makes me almost blow away!"
We saw a really short lady the other day(not me, shorter), and she was bringing her son to gym. Dawson points and says,"Mom, look at that little girl mom!"
The boys are playing with neighbor boy and I hear them discussing who has to be the wife to go None of them want to be:) "How bout you be the wife." "No! I want to be the Dad." "I'm the Dad, how bout you be the kid then?" "Ok, but someone needs to be the wife to go shopping." " Not me...I'm the Dad!" :)
Luke while in the bathtub-"I wish I had my life vest on so I could swim in here!" :-). You ever heard of -smart, but no common sense-? Yup, we got one of those in the family, too. ;-)
So Dawson has been having trouble with saying "he forgets"...everything! So Keith got on to him and asked what we should do to help him REMEMBER. Luke pipes up that he should get a spanking...nice brother moment there. :)Dawson then says,"I think you should write me a note!" Luke- "Dawson! You can't even spell!" Dawson- " could read it to me!" So my question is...Who is going to remember to tell Dawson to remind Luke to read him a note about "not forgetting" so he will remember not to say he forgets?
Dawson- "Mamma, if I don't have a drink, I'll die to death!"
Where's the thing that keeps my shirt warm? - Dawson about his sweater vest.
We are getting things together to go hunting tomorrow. Luke says,"Mom, don't forget a cold drink. What if you get hot and need to cool down? That was good thinking, huh? Good thing I said that, right?" yup! Would have forgotten a drink for sure...;-)
Dawson doesn't think that Wiley Coyote "thinks smart". I would have to agree...:-)
Dawson-"Kolby, does that bring a tear to your eye?"
While driving to church we drove by a car parked along the hwy. Dawson says,"We sure passed that car, didn't we Mamma?" :-)
Kolby got hurt and was rubbing his eye. Dawson says,"Aw, what happened? Did something fall from the sky and hit you in the eye?" kolby(sniff)- "Yeah!" Dawson- "It's ok, you'll be better."
We talked about how to let God inside us tonight with the boys. They came up with this: "You just dig it out! The sin... You just dig it out and pray."
Luke sang in his deepest voice," She'll be riding 65 horses when she comes! She'll be riding 65 horses when she comes....." :-) just as funny as his version of Jingle Bells," oh what fun it is to ride in a town of open slaves..." he must have a hearing problem:-)
"Oh, man! My buns are itchin up a storm!"-Dawson
Dawson told Kolby in a soft sad voice, "We are going to give you away. Things change, Kolby, and sometimes babies need new mommies." Kolby did not like this plan.... Of course, it's not true. Dawson also told him, "persons go to neverland to die!" How is he coming up with this stuff??? ;-)
Dawson to Kolby, "Awww, you have bad coughs? It's ok. Oh! You have bad snorts, too? Maybe we can take you to the dr. He will fix you, it'll be alright. Don't worry!"
Dawson just informed me that, "Mom, I have more bottom teeth than....up teeth!"
Dawson took Kolby under his arms this morning and in an very so sweet voice asked him," Awww, Kolby, Do you want to go kuggle with me? Huh, do ya?" ;~)
Dawson and Kolby are "playing" battleship. Dawson excitedly tells me, "Mom! I th-unk Kolby's th-ip!" Then shows me a th-ip with a white peg in it and tells me,"See? This th-ip is app-sa-loosy(absoutely) safe!" :)
We are driving to church and a truck passed us. Dawson asked Keith,"Do you think this is a race, Dad?"
Dawson held a tiny salmon egg while the rest of us were fishing. He named it, Nemo, and told it,"It's ok! Daddy's here! I'll keep you safe!" the egg however... Got squooshed. He was very sad about it, but went and got more. He kept asking us if we thought the egg was so very cute. :-) 7/10

The things these boys 2011!

Tonights bible lesson was on being a family and why God puts us together. Keith asked, Would we be able to live out in the woods like the gorilla family in the devotion? Luke says,"We wouldn't be able to eat out in the woods!" Why? Keith asked. "Because...there wouldn't be a frying pan out there!",Luke said.
We saw a man beside the road begging for "need cash please". The boys were curious. I tried to explain... Some people can't work because of injuries and lots of other reasons. Though some people are just too lazy to get out there and find work and would rather other people support them. Luke says in a loud voice of disgust,"That is the laziest thing I've ever heard!!!!" :-) I would have to agree!
 The boys were looking at a book and saw a squirrel on skis. Luke says," Aww, he so cute! I wish I could shoot one!" Dawson says,"I woosh I had a squirrel tank." I'm guessing he mean "cage". :-)
I did not realize that "table top books" meant you have to sit on the table to read them.
 Luke was wanting a question answered from the Bible. Keith read Luke 2:25, "and the Holy Ghost was upon them." Dawson says in a trembling voice,"Ghost???!!!!"
 Dawson has a birthday in 2 days. I asked him what he wanted for a birthday dinner. "Oh!!! Cream of wheat!!!" huh?? What kid wants cream of wheat for a birthday dinner? I guess mine! :-)
 "I woosh I wasn't a scaredy boy like scaredy smurf!" - Dawson
 Why is it, boys translate.. "Go pick up all the legos and put them in a box" "go up and start building stuff with the legos". Everytime!
Dawson- "Come on Lukie! Tell me! Don't make me have to kiss you!" Luke-"You will never kiss me!" Dawson puckers and goes in for the smack down.
Dawson, "Mom! Who is gonna give us presents when Santa dies?" minutes later..."What is water made from?"
While I was working on our blog, Luke made tomato soup and fed all the boys. I did nothing! Dawson says, " Are you so poud of him? Maybe he can make you dinner!" I can't wait! :)
I was given strict instructions to stay out of the garage until Luke was finished painting. "I'm going to make it beautiful!" he said. I think he did awesome!
 Dawson hugging his puppy tightly says, "It's so fluffy! I'm gonna die!" Smiling he says, " I love that part of the movie. She is so cute when she says it."
The little boys have been in the tub for about an hour. I keep going in asking if they are ready to get got. "NOooo, we want our whole bodies to be pruney! And we are not finished with our game yet." I guess I'm going to be pulling them out soon it's almost 10pm! Goofy boys!
 First thing Dawson says to me when he came up stairs this morning,"Mom, I woosh you had cookie dough for me to eat."
So I smelled a cologne smell suddenly as Dawson came in the room. I asked if he had sprayed anything, "No.", he says. Then I hugged him.....Apparently, he was wanting to smell handsome, but didn't want to be in trouble for spraying, Cool Water, on. Sorta hard to hide the culprit this time, buddy.
Luke to Dawson, after Dawson was whining about something,"Stop whining, Dawson. You act like it's the end of the world!"
Dawson about Luke- " He really is a muscle man, he dist isn't using them."
Dawson ran up stairs last night after being put in bed. Frantically, he told us that..."I was playing my gameboy, then I had to go potty. I tried to pause it, but it got super super loud." His voice got low and sad,"Then I pottied in my pants a little." lol He scared himself to potty. Poor kid!
While cleaning out the toy box, Kolby found a little Indian guy shooting a bow. He comes to me and says,"Guy on stakeboard!" Dawson was passing by, "Oh! Thanks, Kolby! You found my guy. He's actually a fighting Indian on a surfboard!" Then proceeds to take him off to his next wake. Hmmmm, and here I thought that part was to just to help him stand up!!?? Shows how much moms know! :-)