Thursday, January 20, 2011

Visit from Family

My Aunt Mary and Uncle John came for a visit this past summer. It was their anniversary gift for themselves. Here they are standing in Talkeetna, Ak. with Mt. McKinley behind them. They were blessed to have a relatively clear day so they could see it.

I believe my Uncle had a good time out on the river catching trout.

Dawson trying to wash his hands, but looking like he is about to get stuck!

Luke and his grayling catch!

He lands a nice trout!

We caught a trophy! I hope we don't lose it!

Jetting up river, feeling the wind in their faces! I was ready to catch a hat! :)

We like to get out at little beaches along the streams and let the boys play and also, to stretch our adult legs! We are always aware though of just what may be watching from the brush.....!!!
Bear tracks on the beach we are fishing from! There are always bear tracks, moose tracks, wolf tracks and less harmless animal tracks, such as birds and ducks. You just can't get used to in and not be aware of the dangers.

You just have to take in the beauty that is around you and enjoy yourself while being cautious! And Thank God for those sunny warm days!
The boys are discussing fish watching!

It was so good to have some family up here for even just a short time! Thanks for the visit, come back anytime!

Luke's got talent!

Luke loves to go to Gym Class! He looks forward to it each week. It is cute to watch him out there trying to be a big kid while being the littlest one on the floor. While on the strength bars, he has the walk across them using his arms. He must get help from his tongue, because it walks along his lips while performing the exercise.:)

Luke has won every time at gym class when asked to stand on his hands/head, on the trampoline, against the wall! His teen-age teacher, Mr. Cedric, says its because Luke uses the "Force". :)
Luke was impressed by my cousin, Nate's ability to walk on his hands. Since then Luke has been practicing. They also do this in gym classes:)

Luke has been taking piano lessons. His teacher is very impressed with his fast learning skills. He is already through his first books and will be getting more soon. Of course he doesn't really like to practice, he just wants to "know how". He is doing quite well though, I think.

Luke loves to draw. The other day he sat down on the recliner with sketch pad and pencils in hand. He  looked up at my muley deer on the wall and drew me this picture. I was impressed!

Feeling settled in.

We have started putting things on the walls and our house is becoming "more like home". We love having things from our past homes in our new home. These fish Keith and I caught  from Vallecito Lake in Co.                              Good memories we can relive by the reminder on our wall.

More wall fixtures and memories. Deer I've seen(hide), cows I've had(hide), horse I miss(saddle), horns we've found(barely got those in the top left corner), wedding that took place(log bench that was in our wedding), and now I am part owner of fishing poles(in stairway that have been a great source of fishing fun) and a beautiful house.

I was enjoying watching out the windows this morning as the snow was gently falling. It was dark out still and I had the outside lights on. So peaceful! More memories.... Deer taken in Montana with my Dad, Cuckoo clock brought back with Keith from his trip to Germany, glider chair..first gift for being a new mother.

I dug out the decorations and made the kitchen look more homey. Candles, baskets, knick-knacks, signs, and everything that makes a kitchen feel just right.
The boys are enjoying the fireplace, as are we. It is their favorite spot after taking a tubby. They are always coming up to me, turning around and saying, "Feel my back, Mom! Isn't it so very warm?"
The air hockey table has been a great purchase. Great family fun!  Score! Daddy wins!

We even have had a few visitors. Not sure some of them were very appreciative though.
Jamie and Heidi Hastings were flying over one day and we were able to get a picture of them flying above us.
Although the picture isn't very can see our house and in the top right corner you can see the lake. That is how close we are to it.

We get to see some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets! It sure makes the 45 min drive to church go faster.

This pink cloud just stood out in the sky. What does it look like to you?

I just never get tired of looking at great scenery. It just makes me happy and want to smile. Although, I'm always scouring the fields and trees for moose.

Blue skies, snow capped mountains, frozen rivers, train track bridge, and misty shores. I get to see this every week!
A gal at church took this picture of the boys on Christmas Eve. Luke 6, Dawson, 4, and Kolby 2. This next year they will all be a little "odd". Birthdays are coming!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dawson is a whole handful now!

Five years ago, on the 12th of January, we brought Dawson Riley Shumway into the world. When he got home, his brother Luke was eager to share his toys with him. Gathering what he could find, Luke laid them where he thought Dawson could reach them.
Today Dawson is a "whole handful", 5! Or as he says, "My thumb popped up, now I'm five."
Sweet little Dawson could fit in a Tonka truck.
Grammie came down for a visit to see her newest grand baby boy. She was well liked. I think Luke probably still remembers her running through the house and jumping on beds with him. I don't think Dawson had an opinion.:)    I just loved my baby boys! And now my getting bigger boys!

Dawson wanted a heart cake and he said, "Mom, make sure it's pretty so Amber will like it!". Amber approved, so I guess I did ok. :) I believe he liked the Cheetos as well, by the orange on his face. He is flanked by friend Ronnie who also babysits for us at times. They have great fun.

Some of the kids who came to Dawson's party, watching him open gifts.

Luke has taken to air hockey, just like everything else he tries. He was playing Hope, a friend and neighbor. She was having a hard time winning and she wasn't holding back!

Dawson and his gifts.

Mommie had to get a picture with my little boy. Goofy little boy! He has a bruise on his forehead from sliding across the hardwood into the wall. He says he was trying to land on the sheets with the other boys and there wasn't room. Sheets were just taken off my bed and you know, they have to play with everything that is new.

I found a good place for his log-truck! I told our friend, Melodie, thank you for thinking of me also...:) We missed not having a few families  with us this year at Dawson's birthday, Perkins and Hafens. Next year?    Dawson has brought so much joy and laughter to our family and to our friends! He is just "one-of-a-kind"! He brings a smile to everyone's face.  He just asked me tonight, "Mom! When Santa dies, who will brings us presents?" I actually informed them "about Santa", but they insist that they have seen him. I believe it was in North Pole, Ak. they are referring to. The reindeer were even there, but he is a little confused as to why he didn't see Rudolph with a red nose. :)     Kids are great!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Colorado trail

The Colorado Trail. We had never been on this trail while living in Durango! We have a friend, Mellissa, in Durango who thought it would be a good trail to go on with 5 kids in tow. It was great to get out and see new sights! We all had fun!

Mellissa's girls and our boys, took a break from skipping rocks to get a picture!

I think a race was brewing!

Big boulder in a pond, just right for pictures...again! I think Teagan was into it though. :)

Family photo!

Dawson is watching some trout that we found swimming in the stream!

Dawson jumped up on this big rock and asked for a picture! I just had to oblige with a smile like his...:)

Strong man, Luke! See that huge pine tree growing on top of this boulder?

Perfect rock in background for running and jumping off!

Felicity looking like a cheerleader!

Felicity, Teagan, Luke, Dawson, and Kolby!

Why wouldn't you want to go across the stream? There is a perfect path....
Waiting for Luke and I to go back across!

Colors were so pretty along the trail!

Long, busy, fun days =Tired boys!

Mellissa and Dawson along the trail!

Look at everything that is under the ground, but above the ground!

So peaceful and beautiful! Glad we had the opportunity to get out on this trail with friends. Thanks for sharing your day with us, Mellissa!