Thursday, December 2, 2010

More of Valdez

Fish cleaning station was being used continually!
Luke is a trooper and knows he needs to be bundled up to stay warm. At one point he was daydreaming and I could see he was holding his pole loosely. I warned him that he'd better hold tighter or a fish would be yanking that pole in the water. Not long after I'd said that...I saw Luke getting flung to the back of the boat! A fish has gotten his attention REAL quick. Luckily, he wasn't pulled in and was able to land a nice salmon, again!

The views in and out of Valdez were awesome!

Valdez is surrounded in mountains and water!
Kurt and Karen's boat!

While we were fishing, the ferry came in. Coast Guard boats came out telling everyone to clear the area, they had guns and everything!

Does this fish look bigger than Luke or what? We need to get a scale for our boat, so we can weigh these fish!

Dawson help get this guy in! He says it hurts his hands to hold the fish though.
Not exactly sure what this big barge is for, but is was huge and cool to see! The boat beside it was big, but look how much bigger the barge is! We had a couple of rainy, cloudy, and cold days, but it was still so fun!