Thursday, November 18, 2010

House as of Nov. 16th!

So our house is nearing it's completion date and it's getting more and more exciting! The walls and ceiling in their stages of getting ready for painting.

View from dining to living room.

Love the look of our Knotty Pine doors!

After about 7 different colors of green, I settled on Ruskin Room Green! Colors are so hard to pick because the light and area you place the color in make your choice color change. It's either too green, too yellow, too blue, not dark enough, too light, etc. I think though that we got the perfect color. Surprisingly!

The ceiling will be done in Tongue and groove pine in the living room.

The color is very calming I think, but we like green. It'll go very nicely with the pine trim.

Now it's getting even better! Half the ceiling is done in this picture. Love it!

And now for the rest of the ceiling. Love it,still!

How many boys can we fit in a woodbox? Fire place is getting all set up for the rock to be put around it.

The boys all got an accent wall in their rooms. Luke choose green(Artichoke) and helped to paint it. Keith helped them write their names on the wall first.

Dawson choose red(Rustic Red) much to Keith's dismay. Dawson has always like red though and I even tried to pick a different color, but he was pretty loyal to red.

Kolby got blue(Smokey Blue) in his room(my choice:). He had fun painting, too. "Paint! Self!", he'd say.

Not exactly sure what Dawson is doing....trying to warm his belly, I guess. I like his shirt placed over his neck, out of the way...:)

I so excited about the kitchen getting put together. I love the Hickory cabinets we chose! I think we will be happy that we chose to spend a little more for more options we got.

I'm hoping that this hood will prevent grease from settling on top of the cupboards. That is a mess to clean.

I now have a nice hickory pantry, bottom drawer freezer/top fridge, wide pullout drawers and a microwave NOT above the stove, YEAH! The microwave cabinet still needs to go up, but has to be modified first.   We are planning to lay some tile on Saturday in the laundry room. I can't wait to do some more work at our house. Luke prayed the other night to help him be able to wait to move in, cuz he wanted to right now! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Valdez silver fishing

 The Drive into Valdez was absolutely gorgeous! Although the weather did get cloudy and rainy a bit at times...we also enjoyed the sunny weather while it lasted. 

What a beautiful day to go fishing!

Luke and one of his many fish he caught!

And another....!

Daddy even got to catch one a few times!

Oops! We forgot spoons...good thing daddy had some in his tackle box!

You "otter" see these! They are so cute swimming around, doing circles, showing off!

Our friends, Kurt & Karen, and their boys...on their boat!

The fish were jumping constantly...It was pretty fun to watch! Love the little show off otter, too.
More awesome views!  

Glaciers and more with Whitney's

Kolby and Chase hit it off and loved playing with the trucks. This was taken while out camping

Another stop for fishing along the way. No luck!

Trevor, Luke, Dawson and Kolby waiting for their Dads to catch something  to excite them. Meanwhile, they might as well soak up some sun!
On our trips to and from Kenai, we made a stop to view some Glaciers. This Glacier is called Portage Glacier. Beth had stepped out to get a better picture. 


There were so many waterfalls trailing off of the mountain side.

The glacier is mysteriously hidden behind the clouds.

The views you get here are just amazing!

More ice, snow, and waterfalls.

I am just amazed by these huge ice formations.

These are some of the glaciers we saw.

One last shot of "Shum-Whitney" boys in their Alaska hoodies.

Dawson came around the corner with this pencil in his ear. Guess he found it laying around our new house and decided to keep it. He told me he wanted to be a "houser-builder".

Luke let Trevor take a ride on his 4-Ward. I think he liked it..a lot! Not sure, but maybe Santa was watching....      This is all of our visit with the Whitneys. We really enjoyed having them visit! We hope that they will be back.....