Friday, October 29, 2010

Ocean Fishing with the Whitney's

We rented an RV for this weekend trip to Homer to go ocean fishing. We also rented a ocean boat that fit our families about right. Most of us were excited about the trip out, but there was one who didn't seem so thrilled....:)

There was threat of a bad day, but the weather held out and it wasn't too bad(of weather). The waves got pretty crazy though! :)

Beth caught more skate fish! I think she got worn out just reeling and pulling those heavy things up to the boat. :)

She caught a variety of fish. Here is a cod fish. :)

She even caught the biggest shark!:)

Daddy and Luke with a Halibut:)

Luke helped reel in this Skate fish. He says, " That was sooo hard! I didn't even have fun.":)

He also caught a shark! Dawson doesn't look to sure about being that close to a shark!:)

Beth and Andy with some of our catch:)

Keith and Andy are ready to start filleting Halibut:)

Chase and Kolby found something a lot more fun than cleaning fish to do:)

Look at the little flopping fishes we caught!:)

I should've gotten a picture from the other side I realize, but this will do. We had a great time RVing it and ocean fishing with our friends in Homer. What else can we find to do with our friends? :)

Russian River hike with Whitney's

On our way back home from Clamming, we decided to take a hike to the Russian river falls and show the Whitney's the salmon jumping. Out on the viewing dock we took an opportunity for a group picture.

Whitney's Luke and Hoss, walking the trail.

Taking a rest along the trail.

Looking for the fish.

There they are! Hundreds of them getting ready to jump.

Here are some of the falls they have to jump.

Jump fishy, Jump!

The lovely Whitney family, Trevor, Beth, Andy, and Chase.

Dawson and Trevor trying out rock climbing.

Sweet little Trevor.

The boys trying to get a closer look. I hope that stump holds, Luke.

There are all sorts of neat things to climb on, in and around.

The boys like climbing up in this tree. Luke is not quite ready for jumping yet, but he made Trevor excited about it.

I think Trevor jumped off the limb about 5 times, maybe more! He loved it!  Well, off to the truck and home to get ready for the next adventure!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clamming With The Whitney's

Monday evening we headed out for Ninilchik, for a few days of camping and clamming. So we loaded up the pop-up, truck, and Jeep and headed out. The boys were anxious to show their friends how to get clams.
A little kid can seem really small out here on the beach.

Beth and Chase, contemplating on the ways of clamming.

Our sweet Dawson boy!

Andy working hard for his clams. Keith makes clamming sound so fun, easy and glamorous, but that's because he is in love with Alaska and loves to eat clams. I try and tell the truth's hard work! If it's sunny out.... you're sweating,and your back hurts. if it's overcast... you will be cold from the wind and possibly the rain, and your back hurts. Sometimes you dig and dig only to come up with blisters and sand, or have smashed the livings out of your clam shell, now sandy clam meat. There are times when you walk and walk the beach without finding a "hole" to dig. Sometimes all we find are lots and lots of small clams, which are harder to clean. There are times though when everything is just right and you come back to camp, sun shining down,with your buckets full of nice big, whole clams. Those are the times when it's fun, almost easy, and a little bit of glamorous!
Dawson is trying to coax Trevor into the pool. They had lots of fun playing together and finding creatures of the deep(and now shallow).

After clamming in the mornings, we go for walks along the beach or river, fly kites, relax at camp, build a fire, eat, watch the kids play and sometimes go for a drive. Keith and Andy fished in the river, but had no luck.

Andy appears to have successfully dug a clam for Trevor to grab.

Dawson ended up with more sand than "freasures" in his bucket. He would go to dig a crab or shell from the beach and end up with a shovel full of sand. His bucket got super heavy for him to carry around.    We all had lots of fun even though we got sweaty, cold, blisters, thoroughly sanded,wind burnt, got smashed clams, whole clams, tiny clams and huge clams, sore backs, and not enough sleep. There is just something about being out in nature, with family and friends,that is so satisfying!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Glacier Exploring With The Whitney's

Happy boy! I'm guessing it's because his Mama is holding him. Not because we are on our way to the Knik Glacier.....

Hiking up to get a better view.

And what a view it is! Miles and miles of brilliant Glacier ice...

Fire-weed struggling to survive in the rocks.

Luke be careful! It's a loonngg way down to the boat.

 They made it! The boys and I went hiking around a bit to see what we could see.


It's just so amazing no matter how many times I see this view.

Standing on an ice burg that's floating in the water.

Honey, put the camera away and get in the boat. It's starting to rain! (I don't think he actually told me this, but he could've been thinking it. :)

The pass off! The things we do for pictures. Trevor really isn't that bulky, there is a life vest under that coat somewhere.

Andy & Beth Whitney. Andy, is Keith's long time friend from childhood. Keith was in and I attended their wedding. It was so good to have friends come and visit!

Some rock formations overlooking the Glacier.

Don't do it, Beth! Even Chase is sad you are even thinking about it...:).


Time to head back to the boat.

I think someone is happy about this decision.

Hi, Trevor! Glacier ice makes you look funny!

Hi, Chase! You have a crooked nose and a flat nose!

It may make us look funny, but it sure tastes good.

Glacier Ice block. So big, pretty, and blue!
Good-bye Glacier, until another day.