Thursday, August 26, 2010

So far behind...

So I have so many pictures to put out and not enough time. 
We are always moving on to the next adventure. 
This coming weekend we are going to Valdez to do more Salmon fishing. We are hoping to have a good time with some friends that are coming as well with their boat. 

The weather has been REALLY nice this past week, and that is not helping my "get things done inside"  projects. I just can't stay inside too long with the sun enticing me to come play. The boys and Keith have gotten a "sun-shocked" cold :) and are a little down. Oh, well! Winter is coming, but I'm not wishing it any faster. 

We have had some more friends come visit and had a week of fun-filled craziness. We did some hiking ,clamming, camping, boating, lots of fishing, more camping. I think we sent them home exhausted, I know Keith sure was! I was happy to slow down a bit myself. We sure enjoyed their visit though and I'm sure they will be back.  
Now my Uncle John and Aunt Mary are coming for their 40 wedding anniversary, but they are going around the state and only staying with us for a few nights. 

Our house is getting further along slowly. Our builder is also a guide and has prior appointments to make. He is over-loaded with things to get done, so progress is slow for now. Still, he thinks Nov. 1st is do-able for the house getting done. We have exterior walls, shingled roof, windows, doors, 2x4 walls inside, some siding is on, and electric and plumbing are being worked on now. It's looking like a house and we are getting more excited about the outcome.

Well, with company coming tonight....I need to get those inside projects done, bummer!

I'll try and post some pictures soon.