Thursday, July 15, 2010

Russian with the Griz!

On our way home from clamming, we stopped to see how the fishing was at the Russian River. We got the last campsite in the park, at least that is what we were told. Keith is giving Steven a lesson on how to fish here on the Russian.

I had a feeling that this magnificent bird was not the only one watching us.

There were plenty of eagles along the river for pictures. Dawson found a trail that he just HAD to climb up on.

All 5 boys are "fishing". Three of them have found hooks laying by the water's edge and have them tied to sticks, but they caught leaves and rocks and other things with their poles.

We were able to see a sow and cub just before getting to the falls. These two had crossed the river right where we had been fishing. I think they may have been waiting for us to move before coming across the river. We had passed a few people who had seen a sow and two cubs. Somehow we passed them and didn't get to see them. Sort of a scary feeling! These two followed the trail towards us and at one point were about 50 yards or less from us! These bears see people all the time though and turned and headed up through the woods.

At the Falls, we saw a few fish jumping. Here you can see their dark forms in the water, waiting their turn to jump.

I think these seagulls are also amazed that these salmon can make it up through the swift, crashing wall of water.

Dawson did really good hiking, but by the time we had got to the Falls his little legs were hurting. Since we had only brought one kid "pack-pack" for Kolby, we had to be inventive. It worked pretty good, too!
This is a video of the bear cub jumping from a rock where we had been fishing just mins before.
Keith had the camera and was able to get another video. He slipped on a stick and the video is wobbly, he really wasn't scared of the cub jumping. :)

Day 2 Clamming

We awoke to a cloudy wet day from the rain during the night. The rain had stopped however and we were able to clam and stay reasonably dry. On this day we moved to a new spot and got bigger clams.

Kolby was given this tiny little fish and he packed it around all day..

Luke holds up his prize while Daddy and Steven dig for more.

Here is a razor clam next to Kolby's size 7 boot.

All Steven's hard work.

This Eagle had been sitting watching us the whole time we were clamming.That is until I turned the camera towards him! I think he was camera shy.

Luke found he could do a trick.....

So of course, they all wanted to try it. 
We had a good time and brought back our limit of clams. They are all processed into bags frozen for future frying or into jars, canned for chowder. The boys love them fried best. I like them hidden in the chowder. :)

First day of clamming....and Homer fun!

On our second weekend with Steven here, we decided to take him on a clamming adventure in Ninilchik. It ended up being a beautiful first day of clamming! Keith is showing him how it's done.

Looks like Dawson might have found a "feasure" for Steven to see.

What a great view to see while clamming! We don't get too many days like this down there to clam in.

Kolby is trying to wash the sand off his hands, in the sandy muddy water. :)

Kolby was my helper and loved his job of collecting the dug up clams and putting them in the buckets!:)

My little clam diggers! It was a good day to be outside, as Dawson would say. :)

We see lots of Eagles and seagulls down on the beach.

On this day there were lots of boats waiting to get into port as well.

I have not seen this many boats in this channel before. I am not sure what the process is either for getting them here. Some of the boats were on the dry banks waiting for the tide to come back and help them float again.

After the clamming was done for the day, we decided to show Steven what Homer looked like. So we headed down the road about an hours drive. We took a drive out a road we had never been on and saw some beautiful sights and Glaciers.

The Lupines and other wild flowers were in full bloom! It was so pretty!

Up on Skyline drive again for more "Spit" pictures before we headed down to go play on the beach.

We took a Frisbee and played on the beach. Keith is "tipping" one to Luke. Luke caught it, too!

A typical Kolby face! He is also a little flip book when it comes to picture taking.

I just think that the contrasting rocks and driftwood sticks, make for a really cool photo.

Hoss went with us and even got to take time to "smell the Lupines". Good boy, Hossie!

You didn't think we'd go to the windy Homer "Spit" without our kite, did you? Although it wasn't nearly as windy as it has been in the past. It was good enough to have some fun with and Steven is learning the ropes. Well, it's getting late. So we are heading back to our pop-up in Deep Creek campground. Time to get ready for another day of clamming!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Falling into Valdez

After dip netting in Chitna, we made our way to Valdez. It was a beautiful drive through the canyons filled with the most waterfalls I have seen in a while. There were waterfalls on every rocky notch and valley!

This is Horsetail falls! I just couldn't seem to get a picture without getting water spray spots.

The falls were long, falling from hundreds of feet up the cliffs!

A close up!

You really have to come see them for yourselves to really get the whole experience!

The Iron Trail, I might need to get this book!

It was really loud in the tunnel when the cars would go by. Kolby got really scared!
Steven poses at the entrance, while Keith and I take the boys through to the other side.

This was a really cool falls! It was cascading down this rock wall sideways!

It's just so neat! The side-ways waterfall.

We made it to Valdez and were greeted by the Sea Lions! They were out chasing the Salmon and we could hear their grunts as they swam around.

Luke is trying to catch a Pink Salmon!

We moved closer to the inlet and found the fish! Keith is helping Luke cast since there were so many people around.

Luke with his catch!

Keith and Steven are fishing as fast as they can, as the tide is coming back! Steven is in the middle standing and Keith bent over working on a fish.

Our view of Valdez and a few Sea Lions! We had a good time this weekend and got to see some places and things we haven't seen before.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chitna, Alaska and beyond...

July 4th weekend found us heading to Chitna to do some dip netting for Red Salmon. I sadly forgot my camera while on our dip netting adventure, but got a few of the area we were in. The boys are eating cereal at a great table, the front of the boat!

Kolby found a good spot to cast for a bit!

Can you guess who this is, so very high! Hint: I see a dimple framed in the

These are fish wheels on the Copper River. The fish swim up the edges and the wheels scoop them up as they go by.

A fish wheel.

A one-at-a-time passage way back to town.

An awesome glacier on the way to Valdez.

Close up of the glacier.

Beautiful Lupines cover the ground.

More glaciers!

We got to the top of the hill and decided to go for a little walk. Steven was with us for this adventure.

Dawson strutting his stuff.

Family photo + Steven. Valdez is behind us. Luke-6. Dawson-4, and Kolby-2.

Purty little flowers everywhere!

Of course, where there is a puddle....there is time for rock skipping contests!

Three little flowers. All unique in form. Each pointing in different ways, but each faces a storm. By a single stem they are connected at the base, each branching out on their own. This reminds me of our three little boys, who all too soon will be grown! All unique and beautiful in their own little ways, with the busyness of learning, playing and dreaming of fun-filled days. Each will face his own storm in life. Hopefully, it won't be because of his "wife"! :) As the Mother and Father of these three boys, we hope to show them that life is full of so many joys!