Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friends and Sun

We have been having such nice warm days that the boys wanted to play in the sprinkler and slip N' slide. So they invited Eli over to join in the fun. We now have two 4 year old neighbor boys right next to us!

So out came the sprinkler. Of course, they put it in the dirt!

Watch this "fic",Mom! AHHHHH, that's "feezing"!

So they asked me sweet enough, that I filled the pool with warm water. So they could warm up

Who is this grubby boy?

The boys found this wig and had fun with it for a time before giving it to friends.
We had a neighbor boy, Braydon, stay with us for a few days while his parents were away. The boys all had fun with another boy around and "camped out" in their room. Here they are eating omelets that Daddy made while watching Sound of Music.

Memorial Memories 2

Our home away from home, with a few less amenities!

Do I have to explain?!

Living room!

Cozy fireplace!


There were cool stairs to a loft!

Where there were bunk beds! 

And this was the view of the lake from the cabin!

The steep, tilted stairs that make climbing a bit scary for the boys!

What a sunset, Huh?

One morning Luke and I went down to the dock and he did some fishing! Luke was so happy to have caught this Pike all by himself, in his jammies! "Oh, YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about!" he said.

So Daddy came down and gave it a try, too!

Looks like a boat went by! I'm swaying while looking at this picture. I don't think I've stopped since we got home!

Going for a ride on the lake!

Dawson reeled in a Pike as well! He wanted to know if "we were so very poud of him?" Yes, we are Dawson, you did good!

"Boo,Boo" Kolby's interpretation of Moose, Moose!!
Stopping to fish the inlet!

As Daddy stopped to fish a bit, the boys jumped out to play in the sand. I followed and walked around a bit myself, keeping a close eye on the boys because.....

We hadn't been the only ones there! These aren't the "Footprints in the Sand" I was hoping to see! :)

Luke played for a few hours down by the dock trying to catch baby pike in his boot! He finally did catch one, but it was a dead one. :)
Dawson wanted a "boat" to float on! So I found a Styrofoam boat for him to row around with.
Then, of course, I need two of them!

They got to hot and decided to try swimming! This was Dawson's first attempt at swimming and after the initial shock of cold water, he had a blast!

This was an awesome sight to see!

Keith braved the wetlands to hop out and get a picture!

 This was a stream we tried to go up to another lake. We couldn't make it as it got too shallow and rocky. We fished it though and caught more Pike!

We met this nice older man and talked with him for a bit. He stays at the Lake during the summers and was out looking for an old cabin belonging to some people who had lived along this stream years ago!  He told us some stories of fishing and his close encounters with bears along the stream with his son. Needless to say, we kept our gun just never know when you'll need to protect yourself and family out here in this wildly beautiful Alaska country!

Memorial Memories

Last Saturday, we started out on a 4-day weekend trip, up to a friends cabin on Hewitt Lake. We went about 208 miles round trip in our boat, that includes some playing around. Kolby got sat down in his seat and is ready to go!
A glimpse of the future.

At one Island, we counted 5 airplanes parked and tents scattered along the trees. That was cool to see an airplane party!

Dawson is all tucked in and ready for the long ride up to the cabin! It took us about 4 hours to get there, with a few stops along the way.

An Eagle waiting to have Sushi for dinner! We pulled up to this shore to check out our engine and make sure things were still running like they should.

Well! It looks like we have an issue here! We have Hooligans stuck in our jet! We had pulled to the other side to check things out, but the current was too strong. So we moved to the opposite side,but Keith had noticed a difference in power on the way over. We found out why when we raised the motor! 

So while Keith was fixing the "problem", the boys and I headed over with a net to see if we could catch us some Hooligans! I guess we could!

It was easy catch and easy release!

Kolby squealed "mine, mine", whenever the fish were in the net and would run over and grab a bunch to throw back into the river!

Luke was the "big brother" who caught the fish for his little brothers who were patiently waiting! And, Yes! Dawson striped down to his undies and was out in the cold river!

Back in the boat and getting refreshed, Kolby is once again ready to head out with "po" in hand!
What a view we had from our cabins dock! The weather held out and we had beautiful days with only a little rain and clouds.                     I believe this is a Bonaparte's Gull! We got really close to it before it flew off.
We saw lots of flying birds. Here are a pair of Eagles soaring high above us.

We saw lots of planes flying, landing, floating and parked on Islands.

We saw swans in flight that we had spooked out of the swamps.

Next to our dock were a few planes that we were able to see take off. The boys really enjoyed seeing that.

The Lake was so calm at times.

Snow covered mountains in the distance, hiding beneath the clouds.