Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knik Glacier at last!

We took another chance at reaching the glacier. This time we made it, but also saw some wildlife! We saw some sheep on this hillside on the way up.
There is a Brown bear in this picture. Center and a little to the right, is a brown patch. That is the bear! He was skittish and kept running into the woods. We saw him 2 different times. Of course, I had a sleeping boy in my arms when we saw him, too. Still...very neat.
Getting closer!

Still Closer!
The river up by the Glacier was swift and deep! Still..we had to watch for protruding boulders and sandbars.
The rocks had really neat marbled designs on them!
We made it! I actually hiked over and climbed up this striped rock to get a better view. It shielded a sandy beach between the rock and our boat. The difference in air temperature was quite different, warm in the cove. The air was pretty chilly at the Glacier, but after my hike, I was plenty warm.
You can see where the Glacier is falling into the water!
Tiny iceberg remains that looks like a mama and baby Bunny following "teach other"  !

It was an awesome sight! We had a good boat, driver, and river reader to get us here.
I found a beautiful pink phlox while on my little hike.

Some neat little blue glacier water pools have formed between the rocks!
 The Glacier goes on and on.....
When I got to the top of the striped boulder, I took a picture of the rest of the clan down below.

Looking for the top of the striped boulder, more rocks and pools.
It's amazing the life that grows from these rocks.

The rocks were jagged and steep.

Here is the cove that was protected and had a warm breeze. A small fresh water stream flowed through to the glacier lake.

 Karen sitting with the boys.
Kurt admiring the view.
Dawson with Karen's glasses. He thought he was something else.
Our church friends, Kurt & Karen, went with us. It was good to spend some time with them!

And we couldn't leave before finding that prefect rock! So many to choose from..... It was a great afternoon boat ride shared with friends!

First Knik Glacier Attempt

Last week, we went out with some of the Hastings Clan and tried to make it up to the Knik Glacier. Jamie is out in front in his boat leading the way.

We had all the little kids in our boat. some decided to take a nap on the way. During our 3 hr trip...We had potty break times(13 times!), nap time, snack time, and play time. Busy trip for me! :) Good thing I'm a pro, although having a girl on board threw me off a little, with the potty breaks. :)

Just a glimpse, but so pretty! :)

Kids, dog, boat, Glacier, and a little high on a sandbar. :)

The bigger picture:)

A waterfall is hidden in the shadowed valley behind the moon.

See ya another day Glacier!

The day was so pretty with only wispy clouds in sight.

Little Su

A couple weekends ago we headed out to the Little Susitna river, a new place "we have never seen". We had fun getting out and exploring new waters. Of course, Luke was happy to get to fish!

The boys getting some fishing done, but no fish, yet!

Hoss- happy boy!

A family photo, with everyone looking! Maybe the key is to having nobody holding the camera!

Come on guys! Let's follow Dad, he knows where to find good skipping rocks.

All this little piggy wanted to do was skip rocks or fish! If he couldn't fish, he wanted to go to a beach to throw rocks.

This little piggy, wanted to climb trees! Getting ready for the big jump!

The last little piggy, followed his Daddy...everywhere! If Keith got out, so did he. If Keith walked down the beach, so did he. If Keith, threw rocks, sat down, turned in circles, he did too, but with a "po" in hand.

Trees, Rocks, Boat, Fishing...what more can boys want?

Am I so very high, Mom? Can you not believe I could climb this "free"!

Finally, Kolby put his "po" down, but only because Daddy put his in the rod holder, too! Kolby fell asleep after this picture.

Thinking up some thing I'm sure!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alaska Land

So we are now proud owners of Land and on top of that it's Alaska Land! We have purchased 3 lots totaling 5.18 acres. It backs to a privately owned marsh, then a lake. We should be able to have some good fun here.

While visiting our land, Luke has been practicing shooting his BB gun. He does pretty good. We saw a rabbit hopping in the woods and I told him to shoot it. He said, "Why?" He has the fishing down, now to bring the hunter out in him. :)

Dawson was so happy to have some tiny trees to climb.

Luke was also excited to climb trees, but at first he was confused about which one he should climb.
He said," I don't see one to climb!"
Luke! Are ya blind?

The little boys were a little nervous getting up on this big CAT, but they toughened up for a picture at least. Unfortunately, this machine broke down and has caused some delay in the digging.

Just like in real life...ya just have to keep climbing over the obstacles in your way! Sometimes they seem too hard, or big to overcome, but the joy felt when conquering the obstacles is so rewarding.

Here are two pictures of the same place. One before the trees were cleared for our house and one after. We should be high enough after the house is done to see a little bit of the lake. We may have to clear a few trees out of the way, too.

Here is where our driveway is being put in. We were able to leave a barrier of trees between both the paved road and the house.

Our builder, Ron, said that the excavator broke down last week so he wasn't able to dig the foundation like planned, but hopefully by the end of the week. Just one of those obstacles.

Some of you may know how long we have been thinking and dreaming of building a house. While we had never thought it would be in Alaska that we started our dream, we are looking forward to enjoying our time here.