Friday, April 16, 2010

Kolby turns 2!

It's Kolby's big day, he's now 2!
Uncle Rod and Aunt Lisa sent him a Colorado Jeresy!

Kolby wanted to call everyone on his new phone to tell you all, "Hello!"
Ummmy! Cupcake-cake with strawberries!
Luke wanted this toy for his birthday! They like making the boats go around the loop.
Kolby had to try out the bath-tub toy and see how it worked. They all love pouring and filling cups while in the tub. So this gift is great!
I hope you had a Happy, happy 2nd birthday Kolby!
It even snowed, then sun shined and made everything so beautiful out!
On April 14, 2008 at 2:20 A.M., a very special thing happened, Kolby Rendon Shumway was added to the Shumway family of four. His Daddy missed the big event because he was in the air over Juneau, AK. , coming as fast as he could. Keith was happy to see Kolby though later that morning when he arrived with Kolby's brothers.
The first meeting of the Shumway boys!
A tired mommy, but a happy mommy! Look at that sweet little boy!
Kolby has always loved the animals! He and Hoss are getting to know each other. Aren't you supposed to sniff each other to find out who they are?
I just love this picture! So happy, and handsome!
We love you Kolby!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More snow?

We awoke this morning to a little bit of more snow. Dawson says, "Oh, man! I guess it's not "thummer" anymore!" He's right about that!
We did get outside this morning to see what we could find hiding under the snow.
The sun came out for a few second and we were able to see our shadows!

There was a fresh new layer of snow covering....
Our swings....

Dawson loves Red,
And with that said.
Luke loves Green,
Not much can be seen.
So that leaves Kolby with the Blue,
I'm trying to get him to love it, too!

Our boots and the grass....

*Walking in the snow, just walking in the snow! What a glorious feeling, we're happy again!*

We even got a doggie print in there. The tiny rain holes also look like clam holes!

Our painted rocks.....

Last week the boys were out painting more rocks, it was so nice and sunny out.

Our trees...

Luke found this tiny tree and thought it was cool to be taller than a tree.

Their bark...

I just love the birch bark here and
how it rolls back from the tree.

Q: How do trees get on the internet?
A: "They ""log"" in."

Some cool growths on the base of a tree.

I'm sure that in tree talk this isn't a good thing, but they do look pretty neat.

Q: What is a tree's least favorite month?
A: Sep-timber!

Luke wanted a picture of me next to this small tree.
He took the picture. I think that is really what he wanted to do. :)

The boys tried out the sled hill again.
Still works, just a little dirty.

We found these tiny little worms on the top of the snow. It was like Easter again, but this time we were trying to find worms..:)

Dawson found a small tree that was bent over to play on.
He bounced up and down, up and down...his own personal teeter-totter!

How many pictures can you take before you get a decent one of three boys?

Luke says, "5+1=6. So I think 6!"
Dawson says,"LOTS!"
Kolby says,"Fy?"

my sweet boy with many freckles, bright eyes and bright mind!

my mischievous boy with cute dimples and fun attitude and humor.

my go getter with a sensitive side hiding beneath his loud, active personality.

I love my little men, and their Father!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Here, Birdie, Birdie!

Ok, so...It's not a bird, but this"Boo" (moose, as Kolby calls them), was curious, too!

We found a neat idea on how to make a recycled bird feeder. We use lots of milk and so we had plenty of milk jugs. Cut out some of the jug, paint and hang with string, easy as that.
Luke had fun making this feeder.

I also got in the spirit and made my own.
Dawson thought mine was sooo "boo-ti-ful", he said. "Did you take painting classes?" Well, no! It's just that I'm an adult with some imagination...:) If you have some you can do this, too.

It is fun to make something and watch how nature enjoys it.
Each morning the little birdies chirp happily away while flying in and out of our feeders.

I think Luke was so excited to hang his out for the birds that he didn't want to waste much time painting his.

Dawson wants to paint one now, but first..... We have to drink the rest of the milk!

My Helpers!

The boys like "helping" with lots of things we do. So I put them to work washing my truck. It was quite dirty from not being washed all winter and spring-ish thaws.

They got to wash the tires, easy reach.

Kolby actually stayed out the longest. He loved it!
I think he liked playing in the warm water best though. He was SOAKED, by the time we went in.
I should've put their rain gear on, that would've been smart. I'm getting tired of putting things on them though! Ready for warmer weather!

It was a beautiful day for a truck wash! I'm grateful for my little helpers. I hope that they are always so willing to help!

Back when we had snow...:)
I made the boys a snow tunnel.
They had lots of fun climbing through it, over it, around it, and hiding in it.

Such a good picture taker!

Dawson is doing better about picture taking, but looks a little stressed out here. :)

Did you know I had seals at my house? Arph! Arph!

Our sled hill is still there. It's about the only snow that is left in our yard.
Dawson looked out the other day and saw that the driveway was almost dry and said,"Summer is almost here!"

The boys like to play,"King of the Hill".

Flying High! (well, sorta...)

In my travels to the store, I spotted these kites for a dollar each. The boys love to fly kites! Keith has a few Adult ones(bigger ones), but they require Keith present. With these ones... the boys can take them out and fly them whenever there is wind. We get lots here, too.

This butterfly one is "Kolby's" , but Luke likes to fly it. These kite have actually lasted longer then I expected!
At first, I questioned my sanity in buying these. It seemed like all I was doing was untangling strings in the freezing cold wind. They have since learned the "ropes", and I can now watch the smiles on their faces, with a smile on my face.

Tiger Too loved chasing after the flying tails. I thought I had a video of this, but can't seem to find it. It was pretty cute though seeing him jump in the air and try to grab the kite tails.

Cabin Fever?

Luke says it all at the end! The energy of these boys!
Love hearing the happy laughs and playing though!