Sunday, March 14, 2010

Luke Turns 6!!!!!!

March 9th was my birthday. My Mommy and Daddy can't believe that I'm six already!
Look at my long hair! Mommy says that everyone thought I was a girl!
That is so silly.

When I was so very tiny, Daddy would go to Hockey in Durango. Mommy and I would go sometimes and I would ride in a pack-pack and sleep mostly. I wish we could go again.

This was my very first cake! A farm cake because mommy likes farms. It was white like my cake on my 6th birthday! I wanted a snow that so very silly?

Mommy and I used to hike up the hill behind our house in Durango. I would ride in a pack-pack. I almost always fell asleep! I musta liked how it felt.

Well, I was so very excited for my birthday to get here. I was counting down the days starting in...What's the first month, mom? January. It took such a long time to get here. 30 days, 20 days, 10 days, 5 days,4,3,2,1....FINALLY it was here!!!

I wanted to go bowling, cuz' I really like it. So first we went bowling with Amber and Chip. We all lined up and took turns. I was the first player since it was my birthday.

Amber and I shared a chair since there weren't enough. She is 4 and we like for her to come over to our house and play.

I was happy that the ball was green because that is my favorite color! I am getting GOOD at this game and almost beat daddy!!

Here I am with my Snow Cake! We made the cake before bowling then we came home and decorated it. It was a white cake with white frosting, white sprinkles and marshmallows for snowmen and snowballs. We like to decorate our own cakes. It is so fun! See how I even made a face on the snowman? That's funny, huh? :)

Amber got me this really cool toy. I love to play with it! It's a pepperoni and you can cut different paper sizes. The paper is rolled up and tight together, then you stick it on to a sticky form to make things. I made a lion, a butterfly and some other things already.
Thanks, Amber!

Mommy and Daddy got me an alligator money bank. So now I have an Alligator Bank and Dawson has a Moose Bank. We love putting money in them and watching it wiggle down to the belly.

On Amber's gift there was a big balloon and 4 small balloons. I really liked the big one so I brought it to bed with me. Then the next day it went for a truck ride, too. Now it is still floating in the house somewhere.

Here I am with all my gifts.
I bought RC car from the toy story movie with the money I got from Gramma, Grandpa, Aunt Sharron, & Uncle Ken.That was fun to be able to pick out a toy.
I'm sitting on a Bean Bag Chair my Mom made for me. I really like it. Dawson and I sit on it, but also jump on it from the stairs.

She actually made one for Dawson also. He likes red so he got a red one. I like green, so I got a green one. They are big so that we can use them for a long time. She is going to make one for Kolby, too.

This is my Great-Grandma Young, my moms', moms', mom....:) That's alot of moms!
I was 6 months old in this picture. I look so happy, huh? I have only met her a few times. The last time we saw her was in Jan. 09', in February she went to Heaven. So someday I will see her again. Do you think she will know who I am?
My mommy really misses her.

Look how cute I am? I was so tiny when I was born.
I'm a big boy now and go to school.

I really like school, fishing, bowling and just playing. Sometimes I help Mommy cook, I like that, too.
Well, I have to go to bed now.
Love, Luke

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dawson's Gramma Blanket

The other day we got a package from Gramma and Grandpa in NY.
Can you bah-lieve that it had a Boo-tiful blanket in the box just for me?

Lukie helps me and Mommy get a good picture by holding it up above my head. I don't do very good at pictures because I like to wiggle and dist can't be still. I fry, but it doesn't work!

I like being wrapped up in blankets!
I'm so happy to get a handmade blanket from Gramma. I love it!
Thank you, Gramma!

Winter Olympics

We have had lots of fun this year playing with our friends in the snow. Kolby has even been trying to go sledding by HIMSELF! He still needs help going up the big hill in our yard that we slide down.

Our friend, Brayden, comes over from 2 doors down to play. He likes to use our sled hill and tiny snowboard.

We like to try out the snowboard, too. We haven't been able to make it all the way down the hill yet and stay on the board. It's HARD! It's still fun to try though.

We also like riding the 4-ward in the snow. Sometimes we pull "teach-other" around on a sled behind the 4-ward. Luke gives Mommy and Daddy rides, too!
Kolby really loves to get rides. It make him so berry happy!

Sometimes even Amber gets to come over and play. She got to wear Dawson snowsuit so she would stay "worm". She stays out longer than us!! Can you Bah-lieve that?

It is sometimes hard to ride with all three boys, I can't steer very well. We look like a camo sandwich, huh?

Kolby says,"Hi!"

He likes to go sledding!
He is a brave boy to go down the hill all by himself!

It was snowing this day and we had been jumping off the trampoline into the snow.
We like following "teach-other" in the snow.

We found a tiny pink pair of skis that belong in a Knex box.
If we put them on top of a hill they would slide down by themselves. That was fun to do.

It has snowed a lot more since these pictures, but it's so cold now. We don't like being cold. So we stay inside and play, but we will go out again soon.

Pirates of the party!

We have a friend named, Danielle, who just turned 3. We got to be a part of her special day! First, she had a sledding party! That hill behind us is what we sledded down. It was so much fun! It's bigger and longer than it looks.

Mom wanted us to line up, but the sun was so bright it was hard to look at her. So she turn us, then counted so we could look at her for a quick second while she took the picture. Then of course...there was a snowflake on the lens! Oh well, you get the picture...;)

Danielle had a Tinker-Bell Cake! Since we are boys we don't get girlie cakes at our house. We liked looking at the pretty cake though.

All the girls sat at one table and the boys sat around the rest. There were only 3 girls, but 7 boys! Danielle is sitting in the middle. We like to play with her, she is funny! Our other friends were Claire and Malia.

We had tuna sandwiches and punch for lunch, along with some other healthy snacks. We sat with Claire's brother, Duncan.

Dawson is always making faces so people will laugh. He likes that.

Claire is peeking in at our picture...:) We liked Danielle's cake and pink ice cream.

The girls got to make fairy crowns and wands and the boys got to make PIRATE hats and got binoculars!
Dawson never looks at the camera.

We wanted a picture with the birthday girl. Dawson decided to tell her something funny. I don't know what.....

We had a fun day playing with our friends.