Monday, February 22, 2010

Gift's from Aunt Karey

The boys got new pouches made
and wanted things to puts in them.
Aunt Karey, my Dad's sister, showed her generosity by sending the boys a gift box.
Luke got the emergency cars.

Dawson, ever the expressionist, was very pleased with his "fethers" (treasures) He scored some awesome race cars!

Kolby picked his wrapping off one tiny piece at a time. The other boys were getting anxious to see what was in his package!

He opened drag racers!
The boys has fun for a few hours shooting their new cars across the kitchen floor.

Thanks Aunt Karey!

Bathtime Antics

Each time Dawson and Kolby get out of the tub, they go into Kolby's room and lay all curled up in their towels. It's like the thing to do, and they think it's so funny!

Grandma and Grandpa got them these cute little towels for Christmas. They always want these towels to wear. Look at those little wet heads!

I couldn't help but get a picture of this! They LOVE painting the bathtub walls! And "teach-other"! Luke painted his teeth the other day! I asked him why his teeth were so yellow and he said he had painted them!!!! It looked like he hadn't brushed in days!

My masked man!

And his rival,
The bubble boy!

These guys have too much fun in the tub. Soon though they won't all fit in the tub together!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hoss and his friend, Sage, are watching the kids sled down the hill. He has such a big furry coat on that has been shedding all over my house! He has been looking rather FAT because of all that hair! So I decided that it was time for a good brushin' out!

I think he is a little ashamed of all that hair that came off of him, or maybe I am...:( What a mess!!! He looks like he lost weight suddenly as well. He feels good, and looks good now too, but what are we going to do about his breath??? Yikes!

He was so happy when I told him he was done being brushed, until I said...Now for your bath! He is a good bath taker though and was so much softer and shinier after a bath.

After all that stressful brushing, a guy can work up a sweat. He couldn't wait to get out and lay in the snow to cool off. As you can see by his breath and whiskers, it didn't take long! BRRR!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pants and Pouches

I have been having the desire to be creative lately. I had bought some fabric to make the boys some jammie bottoms a while back.
So after making them some pants, I had another idea. I'll have to admit it wasn't completely my own though. Still, I didn't have a pattern, just the idea. So each piece is unique and better than the last...:)
I made the boys and I a "mail pouch" that we could use for putting notes to each other in. Whether it be thank you notes or I love you notes, or just for putting real mail in.

This mail holder is Luke's. He chose Sharks!
They love getting real mail!
Luke put snowflakes in our pouches this morning. He was so excited when he told us to look what he had done.

Dawson chose a Cowboy fabric! I put a weekly reader from Luke's school in his pouch. They give out free work sheets for pre-k. So Dawson and I work on those while Luke does his school work.

The pouches are big enough that the boys can put their game-boys in them as well.
I want to stock up on little gifts I can put in their pouches when they do good things, or help without being told, being kind to each other. Simple things, but things that I want them to learn are good things. Things that make me happy. I want to let them know that I notice.

I tried making the first one for myself. I had no clue what I was actually going to make it look like. I had some leftover fabric from another craft project to use for mine. It's not perfect, but it'll hold my mail. :)

My first project was the pants. I was going to make the pants just out of the flannel fabric. Luke tried them on and said, "They aren't so very cozy though." So I dug up some fleece material and made him some fleece lined, "so very cozy" pants. After making his I realized I should have done things a little differently, but he loved them anyways. He wore them night and day for a while!
His Grandma Shumway had also made him Christmas jammies (much more professional) I might add. Do you know what fabric she had chosen? The same shark pattern as what Luke had chosen. So now he has a cool pair and a cozy pair...:) How neat is that?

Dawson chose the Cowboy fabric and I lined his as well. This time though I made the pants more "professional" looking and also put elastic in the waist.
I cut out both pants patterns using their other jammie bottoms as the pattern. I did make them longer though for growth. Luke has grown so much already that he doesn't even wear them rolled up anymore!

Dawson tells me thank you and that he "dist loves" his jammies and that they are so "berry thpethial".
I love that they love their new things and think I can do anything.
I surprised myself sometimes! :)

Hair cut time

Today was Hair Cut day!!
Boy, What a difference!