Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dawson turns 4!

Happy Birthday, Dawson!

Dawson at Lake Powell fall of 07'
We would all love to go back and do it again.

Dawson taking his first dump truck ride when he was 5 weeks old.

Luke and Dawson taking the bus to Alaska! This was taken Feb.08, 3 months before we left for Alaska. Luke was 3 and Dawson was 2.

This was taken in Durango Jan. 08, going down to get the mail.
We all loved and miss having a sledding hill.

I should have known from this picture that Dawson was going to be a little ham. Just look at those mischievous eyes! What an attitude already! So cute! I just want to squeeze him!

There's our little man! He is a whoppin' 4 years old now! He weighs in at 29 lbs and is 37 inches tall. He is aspiring to to a super hero when he grows up!

Grandpa and Gramma Shumway got Dawson a Hess truck and airplane set. "I LOVE it!", he says.

Dawson told me his favorite color was red. So we strung up red colored paper and and hung the balloons. This time I hung the some of the balloons down low so that the boys could play with them. They had a blast bouncing the balloons all around.

We invited some of his friends over for dinner and cake. When I asked Dawson what he wanted for his birthday dinner he said, "CAKE!" Well, I couldn't JUST give him cake, even though it was his birthday. So I made Lasagna "cake", I told him...:) He gobbled it up!

Finally,his farm cake was brought out and the candles were lit. So he huffed and he puffed, and he huffed and he puffed and blew 1 candle he huffed and he puffed some more and blew 2 more out. By the last one he was running out of huff and puff, but he bllllleewwww those candles out!

....and Oh. My. Man! That fosting was delithious! The cake was ok, too, but the fosting was the best.
"I'm going to have a farm cake every time", he says.

The boys have a tiny orange bike that was given to them by Papa and Nana. Well, it had been ridden for miles up and down hills, and slid around corners in the house. It has even been run over by a truck and had a training wheel broke by the 4-ward. It was time for a new bike for Dawson. I'm hoping for him to be able to ride without training wheels this year!

Shumway Grandparents and Aunt & Uncle Craig gave Dawson some birthday money to shop with. He picked out some Buzz light "yeared" wings! He has fun wearing them all around and rescuing people. He is so happy bout' it!

To infinity and beyond!

"Mom? Do you need wethcued?", he says.
"No, but this house does", I said.
"Ok! Thoom! There it'th done!", he says, as he comes in for landing.
"Wow! That was fast, but it doesn't look like it worked. It's still messy in here", I say.
"Mom, it'th dist a fake cleaning", he says.

Trying out his new wings, he jumps from his chair. I'm falling with style!

Our friend and new baby-sitter, Tiffany, was able to come to Dawson's birthday. She brought him a gift, a Cars Firetruck named Red. His favorite color! I don't know if she knew this, but that was pretty cool.
His friend, Amber told her mom, Heidi, that they needed to get a red gift bag because it was Dawson's favorite color. I wondered how she knew this and how she would even think to remember. Luke knew! Short story is....
Dawson wanted Amber to choose red for something on the Smart Cycle game. She said no and chose purple, cuz' it's her favorite color.
Kids and the things they chose to soak in!

We got Dawson a Moosey bank from the Imagine That store in Wasilla. They are made in New York though...Imagine That! :)

All the kids had fun feeding him coins. Dawson thanks me everyday for the moose bank. "I love it!", he says, "It is so cool!"

Dawson and his gifts, minus the bike.
After picture 8, we finally got one where he is looking at the camera!

What a character!
Dawson has brought such a new and exciting aspect to our lives. He is full of wit and humor, and is ready to take on the world! He keeps us laughing with the things he says and how he says them.
At the same time, he is so sweet and is always saying how much he loves us. Today he told me,
"Mom, you are so wonderful!"

I hope he will always think so!

Anyone who meets Dawson is drawn to him. He loves talking to people and will tell them his life story from.....
"When I was a baby and came out of my mommy's tummy...I was soooo cute!" (told to a cashier) to
"I'm a big boy now cuz' I dist had a birthday!"
(anyone who will listen)

While reading this to him he says, " When I get big like our Uncles(Jonathan and Ryan), I won't be cute anymore will I?"
LOL, he is too funny!
Happy birthday Dawson! I hope this next year will be full of new and wonderful learning experiences for you.
We love you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful December days!

During the month of December we got a week of snow, snow, and more snow! It was wonderful! The snow loaded the trees and sat there all peaceful and pretty.

Even on the smallest branches, the snow caught and hung on. It is really amazing how snow can add up on the smallest things.

It was fun to get out and play in the snow. The 4-ward doesn't do too bad in the deeper snow, but I do have to get him going. It looks like snow-balls falling from the sky!

We get to view some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here, and right out our back door! Also, because the sun doesn't come up until 9:00 a.m. and starts going down at 2:00 in the winter, we get to see lots of both sunrises and sunsets! The colors are amazing!

I love seeing the trees and small branches laden-ed with snow.

On our way to Church on Sundays I take so many pictures...(while freezing out my family), of course it's always of the same things. Somehow though, the scenery always looks different. This is a picture of the Cook Inlet with the Sleeping Lady in the distance.

The fog hangs in this area called the hay flats. When the fog lifts, it leaves a layer of frost on the trees. They call this "Hoar frost", and it is so pretty to see the whole valley covered in it.

Dawson has begun saying, "It is so very bootiful outside, isn't it Mom?"
I'd have to agree. Even though it gets so very also gets so very "bootiful"!

Another pretty morning from the back door.

Anchorage Weather

Mostly cloudy 33°F

Temperature: Mostly cloudy 33°

Humidity: 75%

Wind: NE 6 mph

Pressure: 29.55 in. STEADY

Visibility: 10 mi.

Sunrise: 10:09 AM | Sunset: 4:04 PM


(Southcentral Alaska.) Latitude 61.17 north, longitude 150.02 west. Also near this latitude: Bethel, Eagle River, Girdwood, Glennallen, Palmer, Wasilla, Valdez, Lake Clark National Park, Wrangell St-Elias National Park; Whitehorse, Yukon Territory; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersburg, Russia.

SolsticeSunriseSunsetHours of daylight
June4:21 a.m.11:42 p.m.19:21
December10:14 a.m.3:42 p.m.5:28

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

November is snow fun.

New snow, Noisy kids, Never-ending wet snow suits, Nice smiles, Not going to eat that snow!, New things, neat snowflakes, New people, Nice skating boys!
Finally it snowed..
Snow that would actually stick together and we could make snow-men and snow-balls!

We could bury small children in this snow! We made Mt.Dawson, who exploded after this picture was taken.
The perfect snow didn't last that long though. It got cold again and turned to sugar.
We had fun in it while we had it though.We had the neighbor kids over for the day to help enjoy the snow with us.

The trampoline was left up this year, I just took the sides down for better cleaning ability. The kids had fun running and jumping off the edge into the large piles of snow I had mounded up for them.

I was told this would be an "AWESOME trick"! I guess he got a little air.

As always, the "4-ward" gets some attention in the winter. Keith got the snow blower out and made him some roads through the snowy yard.

For once, Dawson looked straight into the camera and smiled a super beautiful smile!
He seems to think that turning his face to the camera is all he needs to do. His eyes on the other hand are scouring all the areas around him and the person with the camera. If you tell him to LOOK at you, His chin goes up!
So this picture really IS amazing!! :) So amazing ...I had Keith put it in our Christmas card.

Luke, with his freckle-spotted cheeks and big brown eyes peeking out from under his camo hood. He loves to eat snow and make snow balls. He misses the "good" snow in Durango.
I do, too.

Dawson was trying to feed snow to Kolby. Kolby wasn't going to have any of that!

We have a small hill in our back yard. It is actually a good length for the smaller boys just not very steep to get any speed. I have piled snow up into a hill to give them a better run. They have fun though when the weather isn't too cold.

For Thanksgiving...They got a gift package full of toys, books, stickers, masks, and things to put on the windows. They had so much fun opening the package!
It's an elephant! No, a TIGER! NO, a LADYBUG??

We had to make some snowflakes for the window. The boys aren't yet capable of cutting them by themselves but they love to put them on the window.
Here they are putting together a reindeer from their package they opened.

Recently, the boys have been taking a music class from Mrs. Tiffany. They love their teacher! It's a KinderMusik program. The boys seem to really enjoy it and enjoy being with other kids as well. What little boy wouldn't like to go and make lots of noise with gadgets??

They were both in the same class. Those classes have since ended, but some new ones are starting soon. I think they will go into separate classes this time. Luke will go into a Young Child class, and Dawson into the Imagine That class.

Luke has done really good with learning to ice skate. He wants to be a pro, and has made some good strides towards that goal. Classes for that should start again here really soon.

Dawson is all about making friends. Somehow he has managed to learn a bit about skating along the way.
The kids who help teach him laugh at him more than anything. Dawson just chatters away about everything BUT skating!
For the last skating lesson, they had a fun relay race for the kids. Keith and I were amazed at how well Dawson did!
He was actually skating by himself and was quicker than a few other kids! He only had a few distractions along the way he wanted to talk about. :)