Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family time!

October 2009...
Most of my family got together for the first time in 7 years. We were missing Keith and Jamie, mine and Val's husbands.
It was so good to get us all together even though it was for only a few hours.
I loved getting my boys around their cousins and Grandparents.
I miss the closeness of family, but so glad that I could bring the boys down for a visit.
We were gone a total of nine days and it went by so quickly for us. Not so quickly for Keith though. He has told me that there will be no more long trips! :)
We left Alaska in the early morning, flew to Seattle, then Spokane. We then went to my Mom's place, where she has just recently built and moved into a cozy little cabin. After arriving at my Mom's and reuniting with my Mom and sister and their families, my Dad and brother, Jay, arrived with their families shortly after. It was a great time and we had a little potluck that Sharon mostly put together. It was a great idea and great company and good food!

I think this is close to the first ever family picture, biologically speaking...:)

Dad and all his kids!

Mom and us 3 kids!

Dad and all the grand-kids! 5 girls and 6 boys....

Mom and the grand kids!

We all gathered in my Mom's 1,000 sq ft cabin..Boy, was it cozy...:)

My Mom and Paul

Mom and Our 3 boys

Jayla (Jay's) and Delanee (Val's) These 2 are 4 months apart

Landon(Jay's) and Dawson (Ours) These 2 are 3 months apart

Kolby and Logan(Jay's)
We had never met Logan These 2 are 4 months apart

Lane (Jay's) 4 months Jay's newest we had never seen

Val, Jay, and I...all in our 30's now...:)

Dad and Kolby

Val, Kolby, and I

Most of the kids on a structure that Kira, Paul's daughter, had built.

Me with My kids and Jay's kids

At my Dad's, a picture with Papa, Nana, Jonathan, and Ryan, and our boys.

A pajama party picture! Dad with Jay's kids and our boys.

Papa and our boys

After we spent some time at Dad's, with them and my brother's family, Dad drove us back to my Mom's place.

This cabin is where I had spent a summer living before moving to Colorado. Only the extra side room wasn't attached when I lived there. Now is being used as storage and the outside is fenced for the dogs.
Good memories here!

Dawson, Luke and Kolby took "sinks" while at Frammies house. They loved taking baths in the sink and wanted toys, too. I couldn't convince them that there wasn't enough room.

While we were at Mom's , Kira-Paul's daughter, had her 12th birthday. She and Charlie made brownies together.

We spent the remainder of our time with my Mom, helping her gather firewood for this winter, and just enjoying our visiting.
I miss being around family, especially now that we have kids.
We had such a good time and we came home tired and needing a vacation from our vacation.
It felt good to run a chainsaw again, 6 out of the 10 days. I love to be working...I hope my boys grow up with that same love. There isn't much of that showing through right now though. :)
They talk about there Cousins, Uncles and Grandparents and how they miss them. Dawson was saying in a sad whimpering voice one day, "I miss my cousins." I asked him their names. "Ummmmm, I guess I don't wemember.", he said.
I loved being with my family, but I was also glad to get back to my husband and the boys to Daddy.


Our dear friends are leaving Alaska for good, and we are so very, very sad about it.
So we took a weekend trip down to spend some time with aunt Patty and Waylon.
We ended up doing some ice skating while we were there. The boys have been taking lessons and so they think they are experts. Dawson still needs help standing so he's a ways from being an expert. You have to start somewhere though.

Homer had it's first snow of the season while we were there. So the boys got on their snow gear and headed out to make snowmen and throw snowballs.
They came in a while later wet, dirty and hungry, but they had fun.

We went up on Skyline drive and got some more "spit' view pictures. It's a pretty sight from up high!
It was good to spend some time with friends!