Monday, September 28, 2009

Gridwood Bake Shop

We took a trip to Seward and on the way stopped in Girdwood at the Bake shop.
We have heard about the huge and beautiful flowers there. So decided to go have a look.
We were impressed even though we were late in the season. I can just imagine what they looked like earlier.

The Peony bushes were huge and the blooms were bigger than Dawson's head!

Kolby liked playing hide and seek through the maze of flowers, plants and picnic tables.
He is getting quite the personality!

The flowers were just amazing to look at and made for beautiful picture taking.

Next year, I'll try to get here sooner.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exit Glacier

Recently, we took a trip down to Seward and stopped by Exit Glacier. They had a nice trail to hike in to see the Glacier.

We got to get pretty close to the Glacier, but we couldn't walk on this one.

On the way back down to the car we took the trail that went by the river. The scenery was beautiful and the boys had fun throwing rocks in the water.

The sand that was on the beaches was different than I have seen before. It was courser and blacker. It was pretty neat looking to me.

There was a board along the trail that showed the different stages of the Glacier decreasing.
You can see by the board and my picture that the Glacier has decreased even more in the last few years.

On the trail back to the truck the trail went through the trees. The leaves are changing now and it was so very pretty against the blue, blue sky!

The boys saw this big rock along the way and perched themselves (with some help) up on the rock. I take so many pictures that they are always suggesting places to take pictures from.

It was a nice little hike before the long ride home.

Plywood sledding?

What do you do when you want to sledding but there is no snow?

You find a way to slide....

Plywood on hills works...

It's pulling up baby brother up that is the hard work....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Luke's letters

Luke's Letters

Luke has been writing letter's to his friends and family to help with his letter writing , grammar, and spacing. He has a great way of telling his stories.

Hi. I got a big fish.
I got it all by my
self and it hurt my
hands bad and I said,
"Uncle Evan, git the
net quick it
is heavy.
Love, Luke

Hi! Waylon is
coming to here
and play with
us and he's sleeping
with us. His mom,
Patty is going to
watch us when
my mom and dad
go moose hunting.
Love, Luke

Hi! I got a skate
Board. I found it at
the thrift store.
I am having fun
with it. I gave my old one to

More State Fair Fun...

Alaska State Fair 2009

Bill Engvall was at the Fair!
He's a funny guy! It was fun to be able to go to his show and hear his funny stories and jokes.

And who would sit in front of us??

Some "fair hair" girls!!!
Those mountains sure are pretty, aren't they? :)

As we watched the show, we also got to watch the people get bungeed into the air on this scary ride. Not for me thank you!

We saw a few hats and things float down while the people on the ride were getting tossed about.

On another beautiful day in Alaska, we called up our friends, gathered our discount coupons, piled into 1 car and headed for the fair. This day we went in at a different gate and saw some things we had never seen before. First off, the kids got to go through a bouncy slide set up by the National Guard. It was free and so we did it a few times. They had great fun!

It was neat to see all the different vendors on this side of the fair. I love wind chimes and I stopped at this one booth that had these really neat chimes. A guy was in thhis booth and said that he personally made these Alaskan chimes and lived in the Valley. He made the figurines and everything! Very cool!

I might have to invest in one.

Next came something so scary but so much fun!
Hand Waxes! Luke was so scared to do it, but I knew that he would like it after he realized it didn't hurt. :) He was "so very bave". He loves showing off his wax hand now. Dawson thought it looked like fun then and decided he would be "so very still". Then, Amber wanted to do it, too. She did great! They all decided to get the colors on there shirts, for their hands. :)
Chip wanted to do it, but you have to be very still and Heidi wasn't too sure that he had that capability yet. :)

We made our way through the fair grounds and saw that there was a loggers show going to happen soon. So we sat and watched at the guys raced for 1st place in each event. There was log splitting, axe throwing, spring board chopping, tree climbing, and log rolling. Plus, they had a few other races and a log carving skit.
I always like these things. Makes me think of my Dad. :)
I loved seeing the towering mountains behind all the things going on, too.

This guy was only a teenager and seemed pretty good, until we saw his competition! Boy, was he fast!

I'm pretty sure all there races were planned out, but it was still fun to watch. :)

These guys on the log rolling were pretty good at staying on those logs! They would kick water at each other and try their hardest to get each other off. They looked like they were having fun getting cooled off on this HOT Alaskan day! It was probably 70 outside.

Who could walk by and NOT watch the pig races? Kolby, Luke, Chip, Dawson, and Amber all lined up on the fence anxious to see who would win? Was it going to be Kevin Bacon? Or Harry Porker?
These little pigs ran and jumped all the way around the corral. And the winner is...... Kevin Bacon!!!!

After we had been there a while Keith showed up to join in the fun. We made our way through the fair grounds to the hula hoops. Here Luke showed us all up with his awesome moves!
I think Chip stopped a few hoops with his head, but seemed to recover quickly. Dawson hasn't quite got the hang of it, he needs more Wii fit hula practicing. lol

Back in the barns we found that a mama goat had had the cutest little kid. It was trying to walk around and bleating for help. Finally, it gave up and just laid down. So cute!

On our journey around the fair, I saw this farm wind twirler. I decided with money that Mom & Dad Shumway had sent, I'd buy myself a gift. It now twirls on our front porch. A piece of farm I can enjoy! :)

Then would you believe it! I found $50 lying on the ground! Awesome!
So I had seen these backpacks that were sooo cute and fuzzy soft. The boys really liked them too. Soooo....Some stranger gave us the opportunity to purchase these cute packs.
How would you find somebody that lost $50 at the fair? Whoever they are, they made 2 little boys very happy!
Thank you!

Again, It was a great day at the fair! Can't wait until next year.

The videos below are of the tree climbing race, Luke hula hooping and Amber's hand waxing.

Friday, September 18, 2009

State Fair

Alaska State Fair 2009!

We had a great time at the fair this year. The weather was much more friendly then last year. Very little if any rain. We only chose the nice days to go, so it was prefect for us!

As we entered the fair grounds, we were just in time to watch the horse show. These people did all sorts of tricks on the horses. They swung up on them and over them, and juggled balls, bowling pins and even swords on these horses!
It was pretty neat to watch and see what they would do next.

The guys did most of the tricks and even had a play sword fight. The lady mostly just sashayed around looking pretty...:) She did some neat things as well though.

We then made our way to the animal barn, where we saw all sorts of unique animals. This one goat had 4 horns and his friend looked like a Holstein cow.... They were cute. Then we saw a 950lbs sow that was expecting piglets any day. She looked miserable!

Next to the animals were more farm stuff, such as, garden vegetables and honey bees, also the rabbits and chickens, geese and turkeys were here.
The huge cabbages and pumpkins were amazing! There was also a 22lbs zucchini!

After getting my farm fix...:) We headed down to see what more the fair had for us to enjoy.
We ended up at the reptile house where we were, again, just in time for a show. The lady showed us toads, and frogs, and lizards, and snakes. At the end she had all her helpers from the audience hold the snakes in a line at the front so we could go down the line and get really close and touch them!
The reptile house had Tortoises out walking around in their pens and we could reach in and feel their hard shells. Luke was a little bit of scared, but he touched one and found that it wasn't scary at all!

Meanwhile, Kolby couldn't take it any longer and passed out! He was one tired puppy and slept the rest of the fair time that day.

Next, was the rides! The boys couldn't wait to choose their rides for the day. Although, most of the rides you have to be a certain height and they didn't quite meet the height limits, even in the kiddy rides!! :) Our poor short boys...:)
Luke loves to go on the carousel. He wasn't giving me any good smiles though.
At one point we ran out of tickets and had an odd amount left over. This nice gal running one of the rides let the boys go in the "fun house" ride without the right amount of tickets. Here Dawson peeked out and put on a sad face cause he was "in jail".

At the end of our fun day of the fair, we stopped by to visit the ponies. The boys were a little bit of scared to ride. So we just went over and talked to them and fed them. This gave Dawson a gust of bravery and he said, "I want to ride a pony now."
So, of course, I rushed him right over and got him a ride before he chickened out...:)
They went around a few times and he enjoyed a good ride. I asked him if God helped him to be brave? He said,"No, I did it mysoulf. I helped mysoulf be bave." :)

It is nice to go to a fair that is surrounded by HUGE MOUNTAINS! They are so awesome and the flower arrangements here are huge and gorgeous, too!
The boys won these toys snakes and were excited about bringing them home to scare Daddy. He hates snakes!
The boys were really good and we had a great day!
What a nice birthday present they gave me! ;)