Sunday, June 21, 2009

Denali HWY

This last week we decided to go on a camping/fishing trip up to Paxson, across the Denali HWY to Cantwell, and home to Wasilla. There was alot of driving involved,but we got to see some beautiful country and enjoy some grayling fishing with the boys. Luke has been wanting to go fishing for a while. Most of the fish here in Alaska are bigger than Luke, so it has been a challenge to get fish where both he and Keith are enjoying themselves. Although, fishing can be fun where ever you are! The fish were so wiggly and slippery that Luke had a hard time holding on to them.
Dawson got to catch one as well when we stopped by the Gulkana River. I also caught the smallest fish ever! Those little Grayling are fierce! The boys and I had a good laugh as we watched 4-5 little inch long Graylings jump out of the water,fighting,for the fly I was holding 1/2 inch above the water.
We camped at Tangle Lakes the first night. I tried to get a picture without mosquitoes in it. :) Keith and Luke fished the next morning and caught some nice Graylings. Kolby got tired out when we all fished at the mouth of the river and slept nicely in the backpack. Dawson managed to get wet by going in the water ABOVE his boots. Some things are just too hard to resist!
The Denali Hwy is 135 miles long and is not paved, so we had quite a drive to get across. We stopped at a few ponds and streams along the way to enjoy the fishing and stretch our legs. We saw moose, swans, beavers, otters, and fish....lots of fish! The scenery included... Awesome Mountains, Crumbling Glaciers, marshy tundra, grassy ponds, small winding streams, raging muddy rivers, plentiful lakes and colorful wildflowers.
We drove up to the Denali National Park to camp, but we didn't have reservations and couldn't camp there. So we headed towards home and camped along the road at a roadside campground. It was nice and we had a fire to smoke out the mosquitoes while we cooked chicken on the grill.
We next morning Keith and Luke tried out a pond along the way to see how the fishing was, but it was cold and rainy and Luke wasn't up for that.
A ways down the road we pulled into Sheep Creek slough and Keith went to try his hand at fishing for King Salmon.
We saw a few nice 30-40 pounders come out, but Keith wasn't able to get one this time. The fish weren't very thick in the river, yet, and the good holes were filled with people lining their banks. Next time.....
Alaska is a beautiful place with lots of fun things to do. We are going to enjoy it while we can!

Washington, D.C.

"2 weeks and 4 days ago...." we made an unplanned stop by Washington, D.C., it was good to get out and see some history instead of just reading about it. Despite the clouds, I was able to get a few good pictures.
The boys don't really understand about our history, yet, but you have to start somewhere. As we passed by the White house, Luke wondered if we were going to go see Mr. Obama and why Daddy didn't just "call him"....
We made a stop by the Lincoln memorial, walked down the long list of names along the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial,
to the WW2 memorial where we just had to get pictures of the states in which we have lived.
I think the boys enjoyed all the goose feathers they found more than the sights though. We ended up with 5 in the car for the rest of the drive.
We had a good time looking around and reading about the brave men and women who have given their lives for our country. As a mother of 3 boys, I can't imagine given up 1 of them in war much less all 3! If and when they make that decision though....I will try ,bravely and proudly, to stand behind them.
God bless America, Land of the Free!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here Comes the ...."Ring Bear"

Luke had the privilege of being the ring bearer in his cousin Ryan's wedding in Ohio. He walked down the aisle with his cousin, Emily, who was the flower girl. They were so cute and did a really great job. Luke and Emily hit it off and were at each others side when ever they could be.Luke told me that he had found a new best friend. How sweet is that? Luke looked so very handsome in his Tux. He was a great smiler for the pictures and did as he was told.
For being in the wedding and doing such a good job Ryan & Emily gave Luke a gift. What?? Indiana Jones for his DS!! How cool! He was thrilled and that is the only game he has had in his DS since. Thank you Ryan & Emily! He loves his new game.

After watching the rehearsal,
the boys were both saying that they wished that they could get married, too. Their time will come...
We wish Ryan and Emily all the happiness life has to offer.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Virginia Beach

Yea! we are finally on Vacation! But where did the time go?? We are already back home, but have wonderful memories to share.
We flew to Indiana and drove to Virgina Beach. The scenery was beautiful! Did you know that there is a town named .... Dawson? We even got a picture! Dawson was very excited about it and was "seeing" Dawson everywhere after that. :)
The first night we stayed in Richmond, Va., Dawson and Kolby decided that they weren't tired and stayed up until 3 a.m. ,which was only 11 Ak. time.
The next day we got to the beach and had some fun in the sun!
My little white pasty boys got to enjoy the waves splashing on their legs.
Dawson was scared at first, but we managed to get him to play in them. He preferred digging in the sand. He wanted to be buried. So we dug a hole and placed him in it. We also made a "ba-kee-no" out of him. (volcano)
Luke got to be the pilot of a sand plane and made his
own controls. Luke brought back some shells and other cool finds. Kolby liked to just discover things in the sand. Seaweed is awesome stuff, ya know.
The first weekend we were in Va. Beach, There was a festival going on and there was a concert on the beach. So we got to enjoy some free entertainment. David Cook was at the concert the first night! We also enjoyed the air show from our beach chairs sunk deep in the warm sand. Do you see the guy on top of the up-side down plane?? AHHH!
We spent most of our time just hanging out at the beach. Why wouldn't we?? :)
It did get really hot one day, so we headed to the Aquarium.
Did you know that Luke could hold up a SHARK??
We saw a 3-D IMAX that was awesome! The boys kept reaching out for the fish that were swimming around in the film. They jumped pretty big though when a fish would snap at something. Luke liked it at the end when the seal gave the audience a big kiss...:)

There was also a small carnival there with rides. So the boys got to choose a few rides to go on. I ended up going with them and had fun sliding down the long slide and going up high on the ferris wheel. Keith also brought a kite and had fun flying it in the good beach winds. Luke is flying the kite is front of our hotel. We were on the 11th floor, so we had good views.
We had alot of fun just relaxing and enjoying our family.
The last morning we were there I got some sunrise pictures.
The mornings are so peaceful, cool and beautiful!
I loved hearing the waves crash against the shore, and left our door open every night so we could hear it.
Our time here was too short!