Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Raccoons

My 3 Wild Raccoons...
Debbie gave me some shirts from her boys..."hand-me-ups" :)Very fitting shirts, I think.. of course, trying to get them all to look and smile is just not happening... So here are some outside pictures worth smiling about.
Well, it's time to break out the big trucks and have some fun... Saturday Keith got out some trucks upon Luke's request. Dawson is now interested in driving them as well. Luke is sure that Dawson is still too small though. I told him that when he was 3..he was driving trucks, too. "Really?", he said," Ok, Dawson, just be careful!" We went to the park and drove them around the bike jumps. Keith showed Luke how to go over jumps. He is getting pretty good at driving them now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wise Words of Youth

Each day my boys seem to come up with the funniest things. I always think that it was so funny that I will remember, but ...I don't, unless I write it down. So that is what I'm going to do, or at least try to. So this post will be on going..or until they run out of funny things to say, which I'm thinking will be a long time from now...:)So I hope you will laugh along with me....

Luke..he says that he is tired of doing my job and wants me to do it....I asked him to take his laundry to his He is always asking if he can be the boss. So one day I asked him if he would like to do my jobs....dishes, vacuum, laundry, make dinner, take care of boys, take out trash....etc. Of course he said no, I told him that is what bosses do...lots of work! Since then he has informed me that "he does NOT want to be a boss". He told Dawson that, "No, Dawson. You don't want to be a boss. It's hard work!"

Dawson.. says "he's outta potty" when he's told to go try to potty before bed and dosen't have to

Luke ...I told him not to make me say the same things over and over to him and he told me.."you told me that is how we learn, mom! "
kids!!! literal! and that wasn't what I was talking about.

Luke told me that he knows I don't like brats and that I will give them to the neighbors if they become

I wonder where Luke learned that "girls like flowers"..he told me when he gets big he will buy me flowers, "won't you like that, mom?" :) Awww, how sweet!

I wonder where Luke gets that "you sound like a guy when you call the dogs, mom" ?? :)

Dawson ... "I want some mecine, to make my weg feel better. Pease!" he twisted it jumping off the bunk bed...he is fine..just likes pink medicine. A vitamin should do the trick!

I wonder why my kids call people, humans...Dawson says he's "NOT a human, he's a kid, but he does like humans"

I wonder if I'm raising my kids right? Dawson was crying and I asked why? Luke pipes up" yeah, your legs not broke!" lol later he also told me he meant arm also...:)

I am trying to decide which Lukism I like best today..."look at this mom, it's almost bigger than you. How would THAT happen!"...talking about a snow hill we made in our yard or "How come it never gets warm here?"....talking about Alaska

Can you translate this? "fire lama comes out of a bakeeno" Dawson Fire Lava comes out of a volcano

I know that this might be gross, but it's funny! Hershey left 2 little milk duds in the garage straight across from each other, about 3ft apart. Luke saw them and said, "Look Mom, it looks like a finish line!" lol

I can tell by the ohs and ahs that Luke enjoyed his blueberry pancakes for dinner, "Oh, baby! this is goo-od. You make a good dinner, mom!" :)

I think it's funny that Dawson wanted me "to take his fat wip off" from the dentists' visit today. He had to get a shot and it made his lip numb

I am wondering if Luke is getting a "man's hearing ability" already. I hit my pelvic bone and he asked what happened...I told him and he said, "I didn't know you had a CHOCOLATE bone! lol" ...huh? what???? lol oh, well it made me laugh..

Dawson and Keith were talking the other day and Keith asked him why he was so rambunctious...he replied with the perfect answer unbeknownst to him... "because...I'n ah boy!"

Today was a long day! Dawson and Luke were talking about throwing the Frisbee. Dawson said," I don't want to cuz' I'm a little bit of cranky". 5 min. later he said he wanted to play because he was "happy now"! Said with a silly wrinkle nosed grin....

To learn to communicate with my boys you have to learn their "talk" Like.... what an " atta-bar" is (Granola bar), or a 4- lord or 4-ward is (4-wheeler), a "ba-kee-toe" ? is a mosquito, "thamopline thumping" is trampoline jumping

Luke says that if he had life-vests on his feet he could walk on water like Jesus did.

Daddy's Home

Daddy's home! Daddy's home! It's always exciting when Daddy pulls in the driveway. Dawson runs to the garage and Yells, He's home! He's home!
Luke tries to act shy and runs and hides... Kolby is glad when daddy gets home, too. He gets a smile and walks to Keith and wants up.
Daddy brings things home for the boys. Dawson started digging in to the suitcase looking for that "something" as soon as Keith put down his suitcase. This time Keith brought them shirts and Kolby some shoes. Very appropriate shirts, but I think Dawson's should of said "Full Time" though. Luke always thinks he knows what to do and where to go...:)
I love these Robeez shoes for Kolby. Sharon had given me a pair, but Kolby grew out of them. So I have been looking for more. I sent Keith on a mission with Aunt Sue in Ohio. They are a bit big, but that is fine cuz' I'm hoping he is still growing...:)
Thank you Daddy, for our new "somethings"!
You're the bestest Daddy in the whole world!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Adventures

Today was a great day! The sun was shining so beautiful and the boys were fairly good. Our day started by going to the dentist for some work on the boys' teeth. They, Luke and Dawson, both did really good. Dawson has decided though that he doesn't like going there. They gave him a "fat wip". The dentist had to numb the area in the front so it felt funny to him. Dawson asked me to "take it off" , I'm guessing he thought they had put something on his lip...:)
We then made a trip to the store, more milk and "Thicken nuggets". A quick stop at Carl's Jr. for lunch and then...Off to the park! There were a bunch of people out today, must be the nice weather. Dawson was chasing all the kids around while Luke stood back and watched. We had to keep chasing Dawson down to keep track of him. Kolby had fun too, climbing on things and throwing bark. After about an hour of play, Dawson managed to fall off the swing.(wipe out #1) That's what he gets for watching people and not what he's doing...:) No wounds, wipe off the bark and keep going.
Then we headed home...aww! We love being home.
Out to play was so nice out...Boys started playing trucks just outside the door while I raked the yard and talked with Daddy (he is in Indiana). Kolby wanted to help, too.So he grabbed the shovel to push straw around..just what I wanted...:)
Luke had decided that he wanted to "go fishin'". So he got out his fishing pole and tried to make baskets in the burn barrel . You can see him in the video going to town reeling in his line.
After going in and out of the house a few times, Kolby tripped and fell down the stairs. Luckily, there were no wounds to heal, besides his fat lip from the day before from somebodies foot. :( (wipe out #2)
Luke meanwhile, had decided that his "4-lord" sounded like fun. So out came the 4-wheeler! Around and around he went, what a muddy mess he made, but what a cute smile on his face, too!
Dawson was running between the candy in the house , the trampoline and the trucks. Oh, and jumping on the piles I was making with the rake.
Finally, we headed inside for some dinner. Boys are fed so I head upstairs...
Luke follows later and trips...WWAAHHHH!!! He has bitten a hole in his lip and it's bleeding. (wipe out #3) After he calms down he says that" he is never going to go up the stairs fast again". Yeah, 3 for 3 today...only 1 wound... this is good.
It is getting late now but not's hard to get them to bed on time when the sun is still out. It's that time though, so... off to the bedtime ritual of brushing teeth, reading a bible story and prayers...then a little time of peace for me. Sigh!

"Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, if they do kick'em in the belly till they're black and blue."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Luke is 5!

Luke is a good learner and has been reading books to Dawson now. Luke helps Dawson to read, too. He has also been learning Math. He has done whole sheets of addition without much help and gets most of them correct. He is fast at it also. I hope that I can teach him correctly, with his abilities.
He says the funniest things, and in a serious way. I'll have to start a "funny words" blog...
He is a big help to me. It's nice to have a helper and someone that can get "their own stuff"."I'm a big helper, am I", he says.
Big brother Luke....or Lukie, as Dawson says. Thank you for being a good big brother and a help to mommy!
We love you!

Dawsons 3!

Dawson turned 3 ,Jan. 12th. We had a party at Papa and Nana's house in Montana. He had been talking about Wall-E a lot, so he got to have a Wall-E topper cake. They still play with them, too. It was fun to celebrate with family.He got a leapfrog learning game and had to show Papa how to do it. Then when we got home, we had a little party on his actual birthday. They love to decorate with sprinkles! Since his birthday is close to Christmas, he got his gifts wrapped in Christmas paper. He got skates, coloring books and a leapfrog game. He and Luke love to skate! It is something they can do inside during the cold winter here in Wasilla. He is just what his shirt says..a wild racoon! Cute one, too. :) He is telling everyone that he is 4 now. We are still learning....
Love you Dawson! My Little Monster!

Kolby's 1!

Kolby's birthday was the 14th of April. We had the Hafens and Perkins over for a party. Also, because of it being Easter Sunday the next day, we had an egg hunt.Since it was still so muddy outside we had the egg hunt indoors. I think Keith ran out of places to hide the eggs,there were alot of eggs to hide (candy eggs).
Kolby had been practicing blowing out candles, but got stage fright and mommy had to help. Debbie was there to help with the gifts. The other boys also got gifts from the Perkins, and they love the bouncy balls they got!
Kolby is walking every where and is climbing on everything! He is cutting molars which is no fun. Dawson says, "He's the whinest boy!". The Dr. says he looked good at his appt. last week. He is 19 lbs. 28 in. and is still smaller than average, but is a healthy boy. That's what we want. We love our baby Kolby!
I can't believe how time has flown! I'm trying to remember and cherish each day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Luke's new blanket

Luke got a new blanket from Grandma Shumway. She made it for him, and is working on more for all the grandkids. He loves blankets and claims any new blanket that comes to our house. So it was good that this one was his to start with.
Today we played out in the sunshine! It got up to 52 degrees. So we took the bikes out and went for a good bike ride. Luke rides really well now. He loved riding through the puddles that are still around from the melting snow. Dawson and Kolby got to ride in the bike stroller. Dawson would tell me, "Faster, mom, faster!"
We got home and the boys played in a deep puddle, throwing rocks in it while Hershey dug them out.
We had blueberry pancakes for dinner and Luke made a big fuss about them. First, he wanted to help turn them and told me that I had said, "He ABSOLUTELY could." Then after he tasted them he oohed and aahed about them saying, "Oh baby, these are goo-od! You make a good dinner, mom!" What a crazy kid!
Dawson has had a long day and has crashed on the couch. The rest of us are not far behind. Luke is asking me to put him to bed. :) Good night!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Luke is breakin' in a trail in the back yard with his 4 wheeler. It is really muddy right now and has lots of fun puddles to play in.

Kolby even got to take a ride! He loves it, too! Of course,

Hoss and Hersh were there to make sure things didn't get crazy.

Wonderland Park

Today we just had to get to the park! So after a Dr.'s appt. for Kolby, we headed over to the park. I think they touched everything there! Overload!
It's a great park, and it's big! After playing for a while we took a walk around the loop and saw some skateboarders. Luke loves to watch them, Dawson just wanted to run up and down the dirt hills next to the skaters.
Kolby had his first swing experience. At first he wasn't too excited about it, but then he had a blast. Luke is having a struggle with growing up. He wanted to swing in the baby swing and I told him that he was too big. Why? he said...but then he wants to shoot hoops on the basketball court and I said he was too small. I want to be big, he said, I can jump high! Dawson had fun, too. Luke gave him "hunger-dogs" on the swing. Swings and slides and motorcycles, Oh My!