Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A busy 3 years!

 With the business of life goes, I haven't updated this blog in a long time. I will try to fill in some missing time and load some wonderful memories. I think with the easiness of loading to Facebook and the pictures all on my phone, I have resorted to that method. I like the blog though....
Of course, we have continued to fish! That is always a highlight of the year. Keith, Luke and Kolby are the fishermen of the family. They will spend hours out enjoying this sport. Dawson is a good sport about tagging along, but finds beaches are way more fun.

Fishing doesn't just happen in the summer... Ice fishing on our lake is fun time. It's not only fishing, but skating and riding wheelers, snow machines, and having friends along for games of tag or flying controlled planes.

Then there is shooting! Easter eggs, balloons, and targets with .22s. And bigger things like moose and caribou! That's another post.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Halibut cove

We went to a new location this last year, as we try to each year. This time we motored into Halibut Cove out of Homer. 
We set up camp in our boat and enjoyed a night in the Cove. We toured the state camping cabins for future reference, and combed the rocky beach for treasures.

We of course got some fishing in while we were out. Not all, like this Irish Lord, were kept, but it's still fun to do the fishing.
Kolby is turning into a dedicated fisherman as well! He is always ready to fish.
A view from Homer ball field. 

Luke is 10!

Luke had his 10th birthday this year! He bought himself a gift with his birthday money, a Spirograph. He has been having lots of fun with it making cool designs. I remember having one as a girl and we played on it all the time. Fun old toys are coming back!

Luke is very studious about his art. He is still participating in an art class where right now they are doing papier-mâché. Luke is making a Moosehead that he can mount on his bedroom wall. I'm excited to see the finished product!

Iditarod 2014

Each year we try and snowmachine out to a spot along the Iditarod trail to watch the contestants go by. It's always an adventure!

The first few miles in of a 1000 mile race.

The dogs are so excited to be on the trail doing what they love.

Lots of people gather at this spot to cheer on the dogs and boost the mushers spirits.

Up and down the river bed you will see people on sleds, airplanes, and even a helicopter or two.

This year we invited some friends to join the fun.

We pulled a trailer behind the machine loaded with chairs, wood, food and other helpful goodies.
We started the day off leaving Big Lake. What a day and awesome view!

There were some issue along the way that included steep icy hills....

Ice caving in on the streams....

Just a little scary to get across something like this, but we all made it with only a little mishap.

Dawson digging into the goodies. It ended up being a really long trip, 2:30pm-12 am!! We had 14 people along in our group. Some had bigger sleds that required more snow then there was, thus causing them to overheat. Which meant stopping to let them cool. 1 of the 2 trailers we had didnt have a proper hitch and kept detaching along the bumpy trail. Getting everyone to the mushing site and back home took way longer than it should've, but we all made it safe and had a trip to talk about later. Happy trail tales!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whittier in June 2013

A trip to Whittier! We saw some goats with new babies climbing the steep cliffs with the water right below. It's amazing to me how they can get around.

It is always fun to get close to the glaciers and see them calve off.

Another vessel looking for adventure.

We may not have seen a real whale this trip, but look! A whale!

Ice formations and colors on the glaciers are awesome.

Lovin our little family.

Birds are nesting despite the conditions.

Everyone gets to help clean the catch of shrimp.

A stop at Ester Bay proved to be successful, Fresh Chum Salmon.

Kolby was proud of his catch.

Dawson helped to land a nice Chum also. Fresh Chum from the ocean are actually quite tasty! Once they reach the rivers though, most people only use them for dog food for their mushing dog teams.

May 2013- June 2013

Art class. Luke chose a sea star for his paper mache class this year. He did a great job.

Dawson chose his "own" idea and made a robot cat, complete with a belly button. He did add more colors later, eyes, nose and button got some flair.

As spring thaw came around, our driveway got a bit flooded from the snow melt, but it was still cold enough to get the surrounding snow and ice frozen. So the boys decided to go "float the driveway" with tubs and sleds and inner-tubes. They had quite a good time and it was entertaining to watch as well.

Hoss-man chilling on the porch. Love this doggie! He was such a good boy.

Kolby and Fisher are out enjoying the ice rink we had this year. We did it a bit different than last year and it worked out great! When it got to melted for skates they rode bikes and played soccer on it.

Luke doing some math. He made his hat and was proudly wearing it. The muffs are because he is easily distracted by noise. :)

School work is done and it's time to play! We made trashcan snow forts and had snowball fights.

With the snow finally gone we were enjoying the warm sunny spring. Out on the river we went and got some bait, Hooligan! They are an oily fish that can be eaten, but are an acquired taste, I'm told. 

My 3 little Hooligans ready to net Hooligans.

Hoss enjoying a day out on the river with his family.

Next trip out, we brought some friends along for the adventure. Great fun to be able to share our experiences.

Dawson is quite the sand artist. A moose. I just love these drawings he does!